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Progressive Delivery (Papers Delivered in Parts)

Sometimes customers have papers to write that are larger or more complicated than others. This tends to mean papers with 10+ pages (assuming single-spacing) or 20+ pages (where double-spacing applies). To accommodate these more complex orders, offers a progressive delivery service where we can deliver your papers one part at a time.   

Main benefits to be gained from progressive delivery:

  • Facilitates easy tracking of orders since papers are sent in parts or drafts, which allows you to check individual parts before your deadline expires.
  • Allows 30 days to request revisions (provided free by By contrast, standard revision time is 2 days.
  • Expert writers and editors assigned to work on your orders.
  • You get assigned a personal manager who will a) oversee completion and make sure you are satisfied and b) ensure all communication between you and your writer is fast and effective.

How sends your draft papers by progressive delivery*:

  • Deadlines of 4 days or up to four days: The first part (totaling 25% of an order) is sent when 50% of the deadline has lapsed (e.g., in the case of a 2-day deadline for 20 pages of text, 25% or 5 pages of the paper is sent after 1 day passes).
  • Deadlines of 5-11 days: The first draft (totaling 25% of an order) and the second draft (totaling 50% of an order) is sent respectively when 25% and 50% of the order’s deadline has lapsed.
  • Deadlines of 12 days and more: The first, second, and third drafts (totaling 25%, 50%, and 75% respectively) are sent when 25%, 50%, and 75% of the order’s deadline has lapsed.   

Get more by adding just +15% to your order’s price.

* Would you like your paper delivered in some other way? If so, speak to your account manager and they will develop a flexible plan to suit your specific preferences and your paper’s particular requirements.   

Additional Services – for Short Orders, e.g., Orders under 20 Pages

One-Page Drafts

If you want a 1-page draft of your paper, can provide it. When 50% of the deadline you give us has passed, we can send you a 600-word draft (if you have asked for single-spaced text) or a 300-word draft (if you have asked for double-spaced text). If, for instance, you set a deadline of 4 days, you will get your draft once 2 days have lapsed.

1-Page Summaries

Another service we provide to our customers is the opportunity to request 1-page summaries showing the key points from a much longer text. You should find this useful if you are required to keep reporting progress to your supervisor(s).    

Extended Revision offers its customer free revisions on every order but, for standard orders, revision requests must be submitted in a given timeframe – 48 hours – after an order is delivered. However, with our special “extended revision” service, it is possible to extend this free revision time to up to 14 days


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