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Without a doubt, our company is one of the leading providers of a wide range of online services including writing and editing. During the period of time which our company has been operating on the web, we have gained a considerable number of loyal clients. They have decided to give preference to our company over the others because they know we always deliver top-flight pieces of writing and mind deadlines. In order to show our long-time customers how grateful we are to them, we have developed an efficient affiliate program.

It should be admitted that affiliate programs are a common thing nowadays. Since the current online market is very competitive, the agencies offering such a perk as an affiliate program get much more customers than those than do not have such a feature. When developing marketing strategies, customer-oriented companies include affiliate programs to build strong relationship with their clients based on trust and loyalty. Besides, paying customers for advertising the company services is a superior marketing technique that is beneficial to both parties. Therefore, if you are searching for some ways of earning money from home, the cooperation with online writing companies is a great solution. Only several simple steps should be taken to participate in the referral scheme. One should tell their friends about a specific agency providing writing services and once those place their orders on the respective website, a customer will get cash bonuses. When dealing with respectable writing agencies, you will be able to not only get top-notch academic works but also improve your financial standing. Besides, in order to join a referral program, one is not supposed to pay any fees.

We want to give our customers something more than just good writing services. That is why it has been decided to launch our great affiliate program to show our customers that we do value them and are grateful that they recommend their friends to deal with us. When participating in our referral scheme, our clients will be able to use the earned bonuses to buy their future assignments.

What should Be Known about Our Affiliate Program:

  • 01.

    It is Free:

    You just need to have your personal account and join our affiliate program. It does not require any extra payments.

  • 02.

    Advantages for new customers:

    Everyone who starts ordering papers from us on your recommendation will get a 17% discount on the first order.

  • 03.

    Benefits for you:

    You will receive a 10% bonus from the total cost of the assignment ordered by the one whom you have invited to us! Your bonuses can be used to pay for your subsequent writing projects.

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    Several means of inviting friends:

    You can use your email, social networks, or phone to invite your friends and acquaintances to use our online services. All your affiliates can be tracked easily.

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    Payouts can be made anytime:

    Your earned bonuses can be paid out anytime (however, there should be more than $50 on your account).

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    In case of questions:

    You can always contact our support representatives who work 24/7.



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    Get Bonuses

    When your friend places an order, you will be awarded a 10% bonus



    Friends' discount

    Invited friends will receive a 17% discount when placing their 1st order



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Our affiliate program is your chance to generate passive income



For example, if your friends place 10 orders and an
average order is $120 (some orders can exceed $2000) then:

$Your average
revenue is
= ( 10 orders
per day
X $120 an average
X 10% commission ) X 30 days per
= $3600

One of a kind essay affiliate program - your friends will thank you for showing them how to get good academic papers at low prices!

Join Our Premium Affiliate Program and Start Generating Profits Right Now!

You can be sure that participation in our affiliate program is a right decision. The chief purpose of this program is to motivate our clients to promote our services for what they will be able to reap profits. The bonuses which you earn can be used to pay for your assignments or withdrawn by any means which you consider convenient. Please note that your cash bonuses will be accumulated in your personal account. Be sure that no one will be able to access your personal cabinet except you. Our company provides unrivalled services and occupies a dominant position among the agencies available on the web. Thus, do you still hesitate whether to cooperate with us? In case you have any questions concerning our affiliate program, you are welcome to contact our support agents. They will provide you with the necessary data. Now, you are aware of the effective way of earning money being a student. Hence, do not miss this excellent opportunity! Become one of our long-standing customers and enjoy the benefits which we offer.


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