Douglas Frederick Essay

Douglas Frederick

Has your professor asked you to write an essay featuring Frederick Douglass and you have no idea what to write about? Luckily, the person you are about to discuss has actually a rich life. Douglas Frederick was born in slavery but managed to climb his way up to the position of Abraham Lincoln’s advisor. It may sound like an unbelievable experience, however, Douglas knew what he wanted from this life and as a result, he achieved such great tops. This article will briefly introduce you his life and suggest a few possible topics for composing an essay.

Possible Topics for the Paper

Learning Strategy

Douglas Frederick managed to learn literacy in a quite short period of time all by himself. Experts wonder how his methods could be so effective, so you can research the main peculiarities of the Douglas’ learning strategy to find out his secrets of productive learning.

Reading Materials

Apart from that, he had a limited access to the reading resources, so he could not choose what he wanted to read. Study his list of the available books and analyze how they influenced his learning abilities. Also, very often slave masters do not want their workers to get literate. The same thing happened to Mr. Frederick, so it will be quite interesting to find out why he was not allowed to study and did it in a great secret.

Frederick’s Books

Douglas Frederick was a genius writer. A lot of his works are considered to be icons in literature. An excellent theme to talk about will be the analysis of his style considering his learning past.

Language Features

Moreover, as his books have been written in XIX century and he was raised in the peculiar conditions, try to analyze his language – what words he uses that are unfamiliar to you; explore their meanings and origins to show what might have influenced Douglas Frederick to use this particular language.

Slavery Issue

Slavery was a trend at those times. If you are a noble person, you must have enslaved people. It was regarded as a regular thing. These people were treated to be ignorant towards everything, not to be rebellious, and obey the master. You can expand this topic and find out more peculiarities about the slavery of black people and the means that were used to make them follow the orders.

Power of Knowledge

As a result of Douglas self-education, he eventually rose from the gutter and became a person to protect the right of his fellows. His knowledge let him get to the other level of existence that means that education indeed influences the world perception. Study this case to show in what way literacy can evoke a person to shift the events.

Douglas’ life is quite rich in events and you will definitely find enough material for researching. Study some of his books and you will understand his style. Such people as Douglas are unique, as he managed to get himself all the way up to the top while being just a slave.


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