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How to Write a Good Reaction Paper

If you have no idea how to write a reaction paper, the first thing you need to do is clarify the meaning and purpose of this kind of assignment. Reaction papers are a part of learning programs in most disciplines, and even though their content and format may vary depending on the subject and topic, the general purpose is the same in all cases. Reaction paper writing is about briefly summarizing a work of literature and expressing your own opinion about it. However, the opinion should be supported by strong arguments and evidence from the source, even though it can be absolutely subjective and can include your personal emotions and thoughts.

As it can be seen from the definition given above, writing reaction papers requires formulating your own attitude to the analyzed object in the first place. You need to consider your position well before expressing it, and find enough evidence to support it. Clearly, you cannot simply find a reaction paper example online and use it as a template: all the stages of work have to be done by you, guided by your personal vision.

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Reaction Paper Format

Structuring your ideas properly is the key to the overall comprehensiveness of your work. The format implies a clear structure of introduction, body, and conclusion. Besides, just like in any other type of essay, you should formulate a strong thesis statement and rephrase and prove it later in your writing. Remember to study the professor’s instructions and follow them precisely, sticking to the required word count and citation style.

Once your writing is complete, make sure to proofread and edit it. Check if the different sections of your paper are linked by appropriate linguistic transitions and if the text is coherent. Look out for typos, misspelled words, and other minor errors. Correct every wrong detail you notice, and rearrange the sentences in some places if needed.

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