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Once a college student has written an essay, presentation, case study, course work, or any other kind of academic paper, a sigh of relief is always present. Another important assignment has been done, and that can help to receive grades and be successful in academic life. Completing a paper, nevertheless, is not the end of an assignment because the vitally important task of reviewing and editing the paper must be done. Editing any academic paper is often ignored by many students because they simply rely on the spelling and grammar check utilities of Microsoft Word or other programs. Of course, these automated checks can be useful, but they do not offer the other important features of a real editing process. Paper structure, fluency, usage of language and style, etc. cannot be checked by any automated software. These tasks, which can make a difference between a medium and high grade, can only be done by people, and these people should not be the authors of the paper. Students, as authors, are too well-familiar with the paper and may not see important errors that others can.

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A free paper editing service can sometimes be received through the use of good friends and relatives who have good English editing skills. If a student is lucky enough to have such a person for help, then the writing and editing services are done easily. On the other hand, if friends or relatives are not qualified enough or if they do not have time to make a good review and editing, the student attempts to do editing him/herself. Because of that, many students look for dissertation editing services, academic paper editing services, writing and editing services, professional editing services online from people who are able to perform the editing process well and quickly.

Prime-Essays.co.uk provides such custom essays and other papers editing services at reasonable prices. For more than twelve years, university level students have submitted their academic papers for editing by our professional editors. One of the reasons that help us to exceed in comparison to other companies is the fact that we assign our editors to the papers written on subjects they are good at. If an order is made for editing a college essay on biology, for instance, the work will be done by a professional editor who has an academic degree in biology.

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A complete editing of any academic paper, whether it is a college essay or a doctoral dissertation, has two crucial phases, they are:


For an academic paper to be effective it must show a good organization, fluency, coherency, and a focus on the thesis or hypothesis required. A skilled editor, with an academic degree in the subject you require, can review the paper and make revisions that will positively influence the entire paper. Errors in structure, sequence, and organization of data or arguments can be found and corrected.

Grammar, Format, Mechanics

All of them are the details of paper writing that may not influence the overall content but will, nevertheless, be very important in some cases.

Errors in a sentence structure usually include run-ons fragments, noun/pronoun-antecedent agreement, misplaced modifiers, etc. and they show sloppiness; the failure to present a variety of types of sentences shows laziness, when obviously such a variety can make a paper more interesting and compelling to any reader. Punctuation errors also indicate laziness, which often irritates teachers. Formatting is a vital part of any academic writing piece. Tutors and/or institutions require certain format styles, and if a student fails to follow these requirements, it will surely result in a low grade. At the graduate level, such mistakes are unforgiveable.

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