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Analysis of Different Works

Analysis of Different Works

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In the album, Hard Days Night (1964), one of the songs is When I Get Home. The person who wrote the song was Lennon, and the lyrics were romantic in nature. The instrumentation included guitar and drum, organized in a way to indicate the mood of the artist. In reaction to it, many audiences liked the song . In the album, Help! (1965), one of the songs is It’s Only love. This song was done by two artists, Lennon and McCartney. Its main lyrics was love and shared similar instrumentation. Similarly, it attracted a large audience. The other album was Rubber Soul (1965). One of the songs in this album is Drive My Car. It was composed by Lennon and McCartney. The song had similar lyrics, instrumentation and was liked by mane people. In the album, Revolver (1966), one of the songs is, Love You To. It was composed by Harrison. The main lyrics here was driving home a love message. It had similar instrumentation that in reaction attracted more listeners.

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In reality, the Sgt. Pepper album, as presented in the documentary, was very important for rock due to a number of reasons. For instance, the musical arrangement was spectacular, consisting of classical and jazz tunes, which greatly shaped Western Civilization sice it presented the world’s history portraying the west as more modern than other parts of the globe. The orchestration in this music was so determined because a number of artists who contributed had practiced for several years and release various albums. This means that they just improved on the existing instrumentation and the outcome could not be less than they anticipated.


Peter Blake designed the album’s cover, but he was later joined by Jann Haworth to put the different designs together. Literally speaking, the album cover depicted cultural and dramatic touchstones in the arrangement of songs, particularly the first 13 tracks that the artists had performed. The idea of using almost similar instrumentation was to make sure that there was no discord among the different tracks. This kind of arrangement made the album so unique and was meant to attract as many audiences as possible.

 ANALYSIS OF TWO SONGS (Lovely Rita and A Day In The Life)

From the Sgt. Pepper Album, two songs selected included Lovely Rita and A Day In The Life. These songs carried the day in the album and attracted a larger following than the rest. Lovely Rita was a heartfelt song that created fun among its followers. The song was viewed as a catcher for tthe whole album, thus played a role on the sales volume. On the other hand, A Day In The Life had its followers who got attracted the musical arrangements and lyrics that the artists used. Most of its fans considered the song as helpful in understanding life.


Since the Beatles, I think Paul McCartney has managed to keep his career moving forward mainly by incorporating his creativity with experience in performing music. In my opinion, it would be of no significance for an artist to stop performing once their original band breaks up. The main reason is that singing is a career that should be developed as any other work.


I believe that he is still a great performer. The reason is that most of his songs, lyrics and musical composition are still used in modern performance. This discredits the view that his performance reduced when the band broke up.


Considering the two songs, the main difference is in the lyrics used to make it send the intended message. The other difference is the content of each song. Arguably, the content varies because each song was meant to serve a particular purpose and send a given message to the audience.

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