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Individual Leadership

LDRSHIP is a crucial acronym in the military, which denotes loyalty, duty, respect , selfless service, honor , integrity , and personal courage. In this context, the two chosen principles include loyalty and respect. Through loyalty, an army officer should represent allegiance to the Army, the U.S. Constitution, his/her unit, and to other soldiers. In order to win other people’s loyalty, one needs to win their trust first. Conccurently, trust is earned through one’s actions and integrity. A good integrity record is a ticket to win the trust of most people. Trust enhances reliability and loyalty to the U.S. Constitution. Commanders, who have managed to meet the objectives of their assigned missions, become successful because of the trust they receive from their subordinates. Even though a commander might be in a position of giving orders, without due respect of the service members, such orders only result in fear among the subordinates. A soldier shows loyalty by wearing the military uniform and following simple rules,.

Conccurently, respect demands treating each other in the best way. Respect extends vertically from the top rank to the subordinate and vice versa. It leads to peaceful interaction among the colleagues. Respecting the authorities leads to peaceful cooperation within the military. However, in order to win the respect of others, a person must also develop self-respect. With self-esteem, a person is able to make right decisions in line with one’s beliefs. Respecting rules set by the authority leads to effectiveness of service offered by a soldier. When a person is respected in whatever he/she does, he/she becomes motivated and works even more effectively.

In conclusion, adherence to the LDRSHIP principles is a key to the successful military team and security of any nation.


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