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Ivanka Trump Speech

The speech we intend to analyze is by Ivanka Trump. She is the eldest daughter of Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. She took the floor at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland on July 21, 2016. For the purpose of this speech, as the daughter of the person in issue, she is credible enough to talk about her father. The structure and flow of her monologue are significant to my studies because this will reflect on my speech writing skills by means of relating them to successful discourses. This essay, therefore, aims at providing an analysis of Ivanka Trump talk concerning the speech writing techniques that I have studied in class.

At the lesson, we have learnt that a good topic presentation should have general and specific purposes. It should possess a thesis statement; attention getters and be a gradual transition from one main point to the other. Such an analysis will assess whether the speech followed these criteria and how they were applied.

The talk starts in a lively manner with the crowd applauding Ivanka Trump. She is aware of her audience and the purpose of her speech, which is to gain much political support for her father. As for the attention getter, she starts by saying that she does not perceive herself as a Democrat or a Republican. Since this event is a Republican convention, the statement attracts attention of the audience in order to find out her reasoning because the crowd expected her not to affiliate with the Democrats at all.

An important thing that a speech narrator needs to do is to convince the audience that they are credible enough to make the statement. As the eldest daughter of Donald Trump Ivanka has much knowledge about her father. She describes him as a fighter who will make every effort to keep his family safe. She further argues that Donald is also a protector of employees as he treats his companies’ workers with dignity and ensures the protection of their labor interests. She also claims that because of his philanthropic character he will fight for the benefit of the underprivileged Americans.

A significant aspect of every speech is the thesis statement. We have learned that it makes the audience understand the purpose of the speech. From this discourse, we have come to establish that the person talking, the venue, and the people can indicate the thesis statement without the narrator saying it. This speech is delivered after a successful nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican Presidential Candidate. The Nominee's daughter takes the floor. Therefore, it means that listeners can make an inference that the aim of the speech is to persuade them to support him. Thus, Ivanka presents the thesis statement by introducing her father as the Republican Presidential Nominee and informs the audience about his leadership qualities as a father, a businessman, and a politician.

The speech is mainly a testimonial of her father’s experience. She gives many personal illustrations of who Donald Trump is. For instance, in the introduction, she describes him as a humanitarian who will not let a person in need go without help. Ivanka also illustrates her father’s character and how he can do anything in his capacity to protect the family. She also supports her claim about the qualities of Donald by stating that he taught them to be resilient and ethical in everything they did.

Ivanka provides an excellent transition from one main point to the other. Having finished one issue, she introduces the other. Before starting the new point, she pauses for a moment to give the audience an opportunity to react. For instance, one idea is fully expressed by indicating that the Donald Trump Company has more women executives than men. The following issue is what Donald Trump purposes to do for the US women who contribute significantly to the economy.

Another important aspect that we have also learnt from this monologue is speech delivery. From the way Ivanka performs, we can tell that a good narrator needs to relate to the audience and observe their mood. When listeners applaud, we know that one should pause and give them a chance to respond. The other essential thing is to face the people so that they can gain confidence in the narrator. Where possible, gestures also help to make the talk much livelier.

In conclusion, from this monologue, we can tell that a good speech entails not only drafting but also its presentation. It should have an attractive attention getter, which makes the audience willing to continue listening. As we have seen, the narrator needs to confirm his or her credibility so that the crowd may not have doubts in the speech contents. In the end, presentation should conclude with the same enthusiasm as at the beginning.


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