UK Custom Essay Sample on «London Borough of Croydon»

London Borough of Croydon

Croydon is a borough situated in South London which according to a census carried out in 2005 has a population of 342,700; this makes it the ninth most populated borough in the 354 England boroughs. However, this was not always so, a census carried out in the year 2001 showed that the borough had a population of 269,100; this shows that the population growth is regular. Out of the 342, 700 people 233,748 claimed to be in perfect health condition. This means that 108, 952 people face health challenges.

It is medically proven that the health standards of children and elderly in London Borough of Croydon are adversely affected by the society’s financial status. First off, poverty promotes unhygienic living conditions that are not fit for human survival; some of these conditions do affect an individual’s health in the long term. For example, irresponsible garbage disposal exposes the area residents to harmful gases, the effect of these plumes to the health of local residents may not be experienced in the first few months of disposal but at least in a few years through such illnesses as lung cancer. Poverty also plays an economic role in determining the health of Croydon locals; individuals of high incomes can afford the costs of medication, this ensures health and longevity on their part. The poor however can barely afford basic healthcare, as a matter-of-fact poverty is the leading social health determinant in low income demographic areas especially for both adults and children.

This report will discuss the different determinants of public health at London Borough of Croydon which according to CDC are brought about by issues such as childhood development, income and social status, level of literacy and education, networks of social support, working conditions, employment, public health services, gender and an individual’s culture. Healthcare of the elderly is also, adversely affected by the given conditions. A minimum of one major determinant of public care directives aimed at reducing the impact of this key factor on social health will also be discussed. In addition, the report will evaluate the social impact of dementia, a disease that mostly affects the elderly, and give in details the public care strategies that have been put in place by the Forget-me-not Café, Alzheimer’s Society and other such organizations.

Further, this report will discuss the public services put in place to prevent children and young people in London Borough of Croydon from harm. They include advocacy, mental health care services, child protection, help for kids with disabilities, social activities for children and volunteer programs. These are aimed at helping retain a young population that is healthy for a brighter tomorrow.

The report will also give a case study of social health initiative at Borough aimed at solving the issues of public inequalities in healthcare service. It promotes improvement of health care services through the use of advanced technology programs by different bodies. Besides, it will discuss strategies established to deal with or notably reduce the effects of factors determining poor health such as poverty levels, level of education, unequal distribution of wealth and unemployment. This will ensure that health problems are curbed instead of cured as prevention is better than cure. The Health and Social care act of 2012 seeks to make provisions about regulating health and social care in England. The report will discuss the policies put in place by Croydon Borough local authority, to properly address the healthcare conditions of the residents.


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