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Following the tweet of Marc Benioff, the CEO of, placed on November 15, the op-ed should be proposed to readers. Its aim is to explain the meaning of the tweet since at the first glance it may seem to be a bit pessimistic. It requires further explanations of the author’s words as public opinion is captured by the expression “Welcome to the Failure Age”. Such expressions can be perceived differently by the reader and therefore require further explanations. The target audience are people interested in technologies and young creative personalities, who are afraid of launching new products because of the fear to fail.

What was the main idea of the post? Why the CEO of one of the prospective companies of modern era agrees that there is no success without failures? Does he agree that failures are the part of the transformations of any company? If yes, what difficulties has the company faced on its path? All these questions arise while reading several simple sentences “I cannot disagree: There is no success without failure. It is how we learn.” The tweet is to be explained, that is why this op-ed article is being written with the further placement on the prospective internet resource Cloud Computing. The responsibility of every famous person creating a brand new unique invention is to encourage people and be the icon, be the one who will inspire. The most interesting personalities are those who have faced different situations, who had rises and falls and survived in the competition of the constant race. They have no right to disappoint young creative people and those who believe in them. That is why the importance of such ambiguous post is obvious. Further explanations of the post will make it easier to understand the main idea that is supported by the article. The readers can comment on the tweet directly in Twitter and receive comments, however, this article is published for better understanding of the main idea of the great person, the CEO of, Marc Benioff – success should be achieved by means of constant fight with the failures. Without failures people will never know the taste of glory, they will never invent something eternal that would root their names in the history. Just do not be afraid and create, create, create…

Marc Benioff, the CEO of has written a short comment on Twitter on November 15 to the article Welcome to the Failure Age. The comment is the following “I cannot disagree: There is no success without failure. It is how we learn. Welcome to the Failure Age!” Marc Benioff has put a strategic meaning to his comment. He aims to deliver the message that every product has its era and every great invention has faced a great number of failures before it has been acknowledged as a leading product. The innovation that is considered a breakthrough today can be deprecated tomorrow. That occurs not because it is not needed anymore but because the other more powerful and innovative products enter the market. “Even successful products will ultimately fail when a better idea comes along” This idea is absolutely supported by Benioff. By supporting this idea, the Salesforce CEO encourages his coworkers to move forward with the development of the brand new and innovative technologies.

The fact that Benioff supports the idea means that he is open to innovations and is not afraid of failures. Understanding that the only driving force is competition encourages him and his team. However, in the article they talk about such world known companies as Coca-Cola, U.S.Steel, and Procter & Gamble. These companies “achieved their breakthrough insights in the pre-corporate era and spent the next several decades refining them, perhaps introducing a new product every decade or so.” (Davidson) That means that the approach to go forward with one product still works.

In his several phrases, Benioff shows that he is not afraid of failures. On the contrary, he considers them the benefit that is helping people to innovate and a motivation to improve. There exists no outstanding business, which has not faced problems or collapse. This is the core of a strong leader – the ability to find a way out of every situation. Being founded in 1999, company has throw down the challenge to the outstanding giants of software industry. The company has not only survived, it has become a leader in the cloud computing, applying the cutting edge methods of software delivery.

The comment on Twitter can be lost among a number of the other posts. That is why the decision to post this explanatory article has been taken. Considering what outlet to choose for the article the following items have been considered: target audience and what sources of gaining information they use. As the tweet is intended to encourage people of the sphere of cloud computing, Internet outlets have been chosen. People creating programs and devoting their lives to development read mostly internet posts and news. Among a number of internet magazines attention has been paid to the most outstanding ones, those that appear in the first results of the Google search. Cloud Computing online magazine is the leading online outlet publishing up-to-date articles in the sphere of cloud computing industry. Its main goal is providing up-to-date articles. The variety of information is enormous, however easily reached due to the division to the rubrics. Availability of the rubrics, Publisher’s Outlook, Feature Story, Product Review, Current Story, Industry Profile and others, makes the site up to date in the sphere. The article can be placed also in the rubric Latest News that will make the visibility of it for a definite period on the first page of the site. Besides, this site is the first in the Google Searching results for enquiry “cloud computing magazine”. People can subscribe for the Cloud Computing Newsletter free. The internet magazine captures attention by its design that is simple but pleasant. People are not lost in the variety of information as they can use Search to find the article they are interested in according to the key words.


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