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No Place to Hide

No Place to Hide

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Question One

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The book presents a chronology of ten important events in view of tapping of information by the government without court warrants thus infringing on the privacy rights of the citizens. First, there was a creation of a political blog in the fall 2005 the main focus of which was the eavesdropping commanded by the George W. Bush administration that is documented on the second page. Second, the seventh page presents Glenn Greenwald contacting with Edward Snowden, calling himself Cincinnatus or C; they discussed the role that the national security agency was playing in the tapping of the calls of the Americans. Third is the confirmation of e-mail and Greenwald’s reply about his inability to have access to the systems. Fourth is the e-mail from Cincinnatus with the step by step guide how to gain access to the system. Fourth is the reply received on January 28, 2013, confirming the need to have someone who could help out with the encryption of the information set sent by the source. Fifth, C sends a ten minute video on PGP for journalists, which has all the basic steps to help Glenn install the encryption software. Sixth, there is an e-mail from Laura Poitras asking for a meeting due to an urgnt issue that needed to be covered. Seventh, on page ten, is a meeting between Laura and Glenn the next day after their first contact. They affirmed their commitment to work together on the eavesdropping case taking into consideration the security measures necessary for the project. Eighth is sending of the parcel to G via FEDEX with the two hard disk drives that acted as the safe communication device that the two sources were able to use as is presented on page eleven of the book. Ninth is the arrangement of the travel for Glenn to Hong Kong to meet the source of the information to expedite the reporting of the revelations found. Tenth, during his travel to Hong Kong, Glenn, as documented on page twenty one, reveals the key information on the selective justice system where the corporate bodies are not punished for their crimes owing to their ability to go beyond the law.

Question Two

Edward Snowden did not fulfill the requirements to be a whistle-blower, that is, his actions cannot be considered to be those of a whistle-blower.

There are five qualifications that have to be met by an individual to be a whistle-blower. If one does not fulfil all five requirements, he//she either had to have been a whistle-blower or totally fails to be a whistle-blower. In the book No Place to Hide, Snowden did not meet the qualifications to be a whistle-blower. This is for the reason that he fulfilled all the necessary requirements except the second and the third.

From the three permitted conditions, Snowden met only the first one while failed the second and the third ones. The second part that includes two mandatory requirements was fulfilled by Edward Snowden. Unfortunately, failing to accomplish the second and the third permitted issues denies him the opportunity of being the person he wanted to be.

Snowden was moved by the necessity to shed light on the harm inflicted on people, especially the American citizens, and their privacy rights with the invasion that was done by the National Service agency. Regarding the answer that he did not receive any satisfaction from his supervisors, it is his own opinion. Snowden did not contact his authorities in attempts to air his views. For the mandatory requirements, his documentations prove to be reasonable enough to raise a concern about the public safety. Finally, releasing of the information was necessary for reducing the threat posed.

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