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Pseudoscience Final Paper

There are many theories and hypotheses that seem to be scientific at first site. However, the further investigation and practice might show that it is pseudoscience. Such issue like eugenics was presented as a scientific one. It had many followers and proponents, who believed that this approach could be successfully implemented into practice and purify the white race from disabled and less fitted individuals. It was rather popular and powerful thought among Americans and Western European followers. Once, I have heard about this scientific approach to the races and different kinds of people, it has become clear to me that it was pseudoscience. First of all, this theory of racial purification was not reliably tested. Secondly, the idea of eugenics was exaggerated. Nobody has the power to decide what race is better and which one is worse. In my opinion, all people were born equal. In spite of the view that an individual’s skills and abilities are inherited, I am rather skeptical about this statement. The history has known many instances when people can be talented regardless of their race, ethnicity, background, gender, socioeconomic status, and others. Nobody can consider themselves to be superior over others. Thus, the idea of eugenics that was popular in the beginning of the 20th century failed. It is obvious that false concepts and theories cannot exist for ever. Though, the idea of eugenics was pseudoscientific, it was rather popular and had many followers. For example, Hitler has used it as the main doctrine in his Nazi politics.

Why did the notion of eugenics appeal to me? One of the main reasons is that I am interested in the world history and the problem of racial discrimination that seems to be not eliminated in many spheres of life. Till now, some people consider that they are superior to others. Pseudoscientific beliefs regarding the dominancy of the white race are widespread among many nations who claim that races other than the white are less intelligent. This statement is proved to be false. Blacks are not inferior to whites. Every person is effecting by his/her perception as well as by views of others. I am sure that the way I perceive myself influence the way other people interpret me. And this is not a matter of race. Nowadays, the latter is less important than upbringing, socioeconomic background or education. In my opinion, education is the most crucial factor that makes a person superior to others, because knowledge is a power that gives a person many choices in life.

The matter of racial discrimination has been discussed for centuries. In the course of time this problem seemed to be eliminated. However, the proponents of racial theories still exist. The racial predominance does not look as ridiculous to me as eugenics that claimed genetic screening, segregation of disabled (especially mentally ill), marriage restrictions, compulsory sterilization, birth control, and forced abortions. These pseudoscientific beliefs were widely supported by governments. Till now, birth control is a norm in China. Though birth control deals with the overpopulation, it has unethical roots. The problem is that if governments implement these programs into life they force people to believe that they should behave as they are told. Furthermore, if authorities constantly remind their citizens about negative features of one race to another, they start to believe in that. For example, the media oftentimes depict the blacks as criminals and people began to trust that they really are. However, crimes may be committed by individuals regardless of their race and ethnicity.

I wonder what the world could be if pseudoscientific beliefs concerning eugenics would be implementing in life all over the globe. It would resemble a mass murder. Nobody would like to live in such environment. People would be isolated from each other and everybody had to strive in order to survive. The history has known instances of eugenics implementation in different countries, and all of them led to genocide. Thus, in the early 1900s, some American states, such as Indiana, for example, put into practice compulsory sterilization to unfit people. They were mainly immigrants that come from poor countries. In the course of history, such legislations were eliminated. However, the instances of eugenics still exist to some extent in different countries. Moreover, there are followers of this pseudoscientific concept in the United States today. Hitler's idea of purification was supported by many Americans during the World War II.

In today’s everyday environment, we do not really realize the problem of eugenics. However, racial discrimination is observed in some cases. I mean the discrimination of immigrants who came from poor backgrounds, and who are not strong enough to adopt into a new culture. There are many instances when immigrants live in their ethnic communities and do not even speak English. However, it has nothing to do with the matter of eugenics. Fortunately, the current American policies tend to support all people who need support. Immigrants who are legal and even illegal realize that they are protected by the government. There is no place to such pseudoscience as eugenics. The main benefit of the democratic society is freedom and this is one of the main reasons that attract immigrants from all over the world.

Pseudoscience is common in different spheres of life. Normally, pseudoscientists form their theories on false knowledge that have nothing to do with scientific beliefs. As a result, they mislead the people; they use mystics, for example, to explain different phenomena. Thus, when scientists created the idea of eugenics, the further practice and experience has shown that it could not be implemented into life because it was unhuman.

Contemporary life empowers individuals to be strong, ambitious and purposeful. I believe that I can achieve that through knowledge that is not pseudoscientific. In order to determine what is right and what is wrong, a person should be aware of the fact that not all that is considered a scientific knowledge is true. Every scientific statement should be proved by practice in order not to become a pseudoscience. I should conclude that while evaluating the problem, it is important to find a scientific method that should help to determine a validity of the hypothesis. Once, a scientist would be able to find an appropriate method if investigation he/she will achieve scientific success. People do not have waste their lives on pseudoscientific beliefs.


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