UK Custom Essay Sample on «The Couple in Bed»

The Couple in Bed

The Couple in Bed is a piece if work that precisely denotes to the tensions his marriage went through as he attempted to balance his profession as an artist while at he same time ensuring that he maintains a good relationship, this piece of work also tries to show how he had trouble managing financial problems. This particular piece of painting has a simple narrow wood frame. This frame is hanged together with a fourth large canvas in a single room, each one of them is at a confronting angle when at a different wall. The style of the picture is the neo expressionism; this was a modern form of painting that emerged form the 1970s that expressed the social and democratic values that were faced by individuals and as well by the society. The genre of the art work is painting; this was a work that was done in an era whereby painting represented the day to day life happenings, for this reason. Guston though that tit was a good ide to express his personal problems in a painted work of recreation but depicted in a more realistic manner. The tag in the art work couple in bed entails sleep and leisure.

The work couple in bed done by Philip Guston in 1977 comes at a period of time when the artist was faced by personal problems. This is the main reason that Guston painted the couple in bed to as to explore his personal struggles that were gong on his own personal life. The couple in bed work puts into consideration the struggle that was taking place between Guston and his wife. In the piece of art, the man in the bed with his wife is seen wearing shoes to bed. This is an abnormal thing to do. The main is also in hold on three painting brushes and has a wrist watch put on. The painting brushes in his hand is one of the probable hint of what was going on between their marriage, it tries to show how the husband is attached to the studio life and thus not having time for his family. The wrist watch that is put o n by the man tries to symbolize the nature of the love that exists between the two and the current issues due to the much time that the art work consumes.

The couple in bed in a piece of artwork that tries to suggest the conflict between life, the fact that the man sleeps with his shoes on with his brushes at hand shows that he cant wait for the sun to rise and get back to work. The piece of work has in an artistic manner fixed the artist's own body, in a period of time the wife of Guston had health issues explains one of the reasons to the cases of the family problem in the picture. Guston does not let’s go the paintbrushes in all activities, he also never removes. The paintbrush is a typical phallic symbol as he is always prepared for artistic action. Guston may be weak sexually, but he is not artistically weak. Guston opted for an art with a lighter touch via painting that had sparkling concepts in which forms seem to float like fogs in the foreground. This is an aspect that is present in the art work couple in bed. Guston used cartoon-like arts to convey the personal messages regarding his relationship with his wife since according to him there was no better method to demonstrate to the world that to use of visual understanding conveys message in a more effective manner than the use of the language.


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