History essay samples

American History essay

Part 1 In the modern world with thousand volumes of information produced each day, it is hard to ...
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American Revolution and King George III essay

The Great American War of Independence, better known as the American Revolutionary War, was raged ...
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Cultural Revolution essay

All revolutions bring changes to the society, but these changes are not always positive. Some ...
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Native American History essay

Introduction Different nations and civilizations across the world have come a long way with the ...
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Neo-Liberalism and Globalization essay

After the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union, the world has entered the next stage of ...
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Pop Culture and Puritans essay

Puritans were members of the Church of England. They were Protestants who arose during the ...
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Reconstruction Plans essay

The end of the civil war marked the emergence of a new America, the one known today. Major ...
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Space Exploration from 1977-1983 essay

Ideally, space exploration is not a recent phenomenon, but one that has existed for many years ...
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Struggles Women Have Gone through and Endured to Be Engineers throughout History essay

Introduction From ancient and prehistoric times, women were known to be the keepers of hearth and ...
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Study of Wright's Paper Sui Yang-Ti essay

Yang-Ti has been considered throughout history as a political figure, a historical subject, and a ...
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The Birth of American Tourism essay

The Birth of American Tourism: New York, the Hudson Valley and American Culture, 1790-1830 BY ...
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The Paleolithic Period essay

Over the years a lot of advances on human development have become eminent. Man has made a lot of ...
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The Place of Women essay

Gender is an issue that pre-existed and continued to elicit sundry feelings in the society. It has ...
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The Real Reason of the Civil War essay

The crucial question whether the Civil War was about slavery or about states’ rights have ...
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Two Heroes essay

In the history of the society's development, there are true heroes who dedicated their lives to ...
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