UK Custom Essay Sample on «Space Exploration from 1977-1983»

Space Exploration from 1977-1983

Ideally, space exploration is not a recent phenomenon, but one that has existed for many years since 1930s. Space scientists have made many useful discoveries and applied the obtained information to convey particular messages regarding the universe. In addition, it is through space exploration that astronauts such as Neil Armstrong and his co-scientist Buzz Aldrin  have explained the concept of the universe, with specific reference to the Moon. Therefore, this essay is a critical analysis of space exploration that took place between years 1977 and 1983.


The period between 1977 and 1983 was characterized by enthusiasm and improved space exploration because most of the astronauts were being awarded for their exemplary discoveries concerning the universe. For example, Armstrong received the Congressional Space Medal of Honor from the then United States president Jimmy Carter. This award as well as many others have encouraged potential researchers to conduct space exploration in various fields and ways.

One of the most important discoveries was on space radiation environments, which was meant to help cancer patients. This study was devoted to finding a medical intervention and possible cure for radiation related cancer. Since the risk of radiation cancer increased, the need for an intervention also became practical and space exploration provided a better opportunity for this milestone. Scientists have proved that external environmental radiation causes cancer, meaning that space explorations between 1977 and 1983 appeared to be rather significant in this medicine field. In this regard, medical practitioners had a platform to improve on the assessment and possible intervention mechanisms that could help eliminate cancer. Researchers discovered that radiation environments could be adjusted by body shielding from obvious sources, including the Sun and heat. Notably, since the exposure to and impacts of such types of radiation have not been taken seriously, many people still fall victims despite the available information.

According to the Space Studies Board, understanding the pertinent environmental input could help one assess the radiation environment and recommend for possible adjustments. This exploration has been fairly significant in carrying out a medical intervention plan to reduce cases of cancer. However, this has not helped a lot because numerous cases of cancer are still reported and this disease continues to kill people despite the advancements from previous studies.

Second, space exploration led to the formulation of a strategic defense initiative that originated from the study of Mars. There is potential life on Mars, meaning that human functionality and environment could be determined by examining the planet. Without proper research, planet Mars would have remained just one of the unsolved mysteries. This is yet another significant aspect of space exploration that occurred during the period between 1977 and 1983. Scientists assume that there might be life on Mars, as well as some form of administration of the environment, which raises curiosity. Many people would doubt the functionality claim about the occupants of Mars, thinking that they are merely symbolic. However, many believe that the information regarding the planet’s exploration gives a clear oversight of what might be the reality there. It could be a matter of perception and doubt, but the actual scenario remains unquestionable that a certain type of life exists on Mars.


Even though there could be doubts about the authenticity of space exploration and the information surrounding its outcome, the reality remains outstanding because the discoveries are strongly backed by evidence. From the analysis, one realizes that space radiation affects human life, thus calling for urgent measures to minimize its impacts. Second, speculations and doubts do not prevent space explorers from relying on information concerning life on Mars.


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