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Cybercrime in New York City


One of the most recent types of crimes in United States of America relate to computers and networking industry. Such crimes include Internet scams, hacking, child pornography, and grooming. The crimes concerning computers and networking are defined as cybercrimes. They include fraudulent activities that are conducted through the Internet or mobile phones. In these crimes, the computer is a target for criminals. Modernised telecommunication networks have been hugely contributing towards the spread of these crimes on the national level. Therefore, this essay seeks to provide information about the victimization rate and offences of cybercrime both locally and nationally. Furthermore, it will also answer questions concerning cybercrime and other crimes that happen locally and at the national level.

Victimization Level

The use of computers and the Internet has been globally endorsed, and New York districts are not exceptional. Unfortunately, the group that is more victimized and exploited by cybercrime predators are children, especially when they use the Internet for socialisation (Chiluwa & Ifukor, 2015). The new development does not mean adults are not victimized even though on very rare occasions. The offending rate of this crime is growing on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important for everyone who is using computers to be aware of such danger. Most offenders specialise in identity theft, which becomes an opportunity to achieve their heinous agenda with one’s personal information (Finklea & Theohary, 2015).

Kinds of Cybercrimes

The most recent cybercrimes involve identity theft, forgery of online and offline information, imposing robbery, and falsifying business information. All these trends tend to fall under illegal acquisition of other people’s or entities’ information and, in turn, using such information for financial gain. More people are becoming victims of fraud through cybercrime as there has been an increase in online transactions like banking, online shopping, online investing, and bill clearance (Collier, 2015). There is also online theft of identity, which can also occur physically through stolen credit cards information that can be duplicated and the identity cards and can be used for forgery transactions. In the recent past, cybercrime has been executed from a distance place, especially when there is Internet connection through unauthorized access to computers, tampering with the computers performance, and computer trespassing (Finklea & Theohary, 2015). The other aspects that culminate to a surge in this crime are unlawful duplication and criminal possession of computer related materials.

Cybercrime has undermined effective running of individuals and major sectors in the country such as businesses as well as banking and financial sectors. The other major sectors that have also been affected include the government, the health care sector, the information telecommunication, and the insurance sector both in New York and the rest of the country. Whether it is in private or public sector, more than sixty percent of the interviewed persons have become victims of cyber-related crime for the last twelve months (FBI, 2015). There has been recent expansion of unauthorized access of other people’s information through the breach of clients’ data of some businesses.

Similarities and Differences

There are similarities and differences in cybercrime in New York City as compared to the national average and trend. One of the similarities relates to the identification theft. Though it may vary depending on the number of times the crime occurs, identity theft has been regarded as a major crisis countrywide. Financial losses and fraud have rapidly grown both locally and nationally. Citizens have been cheated, and the loss of their money has not been traced. Another major crisis that occurs both locally and nationally concerns attacks on computers (Bertino, 2015). This is gaining grounds in a very rapid way where malware are distributed to personal and company computers in order to corrupt files and normal operations affected in return. On the other hand, there is a difference in cybercrime directed to children in New York as compared to the whole country. Young children in the city are subjected to this crime, especially due to the exposure in technology. As a result, there is high rate of personal information breaching through children and increasing crime related to their families.

Cybercrimes vary depending on the type of crime executed. Some of these factors include the population of the area. The more the population, the higher the chances of cybercrime and it is more advanced. The other factor is the type of institution. While a crime in a financial institution may be mostly related to fraudulent activities, a crime in a restaurant may relate to accessing customers’ information illegally (CyberCrime Kongress in München, 2013). Another factor that contributes towards the variation of cybercrime in a region is the security cyber tasks force assigned work towards fighting these crimes. There are chances of lowering the crime rate where the appropriate security measures are enacted. Others are attacked for the lack of knowledge or becoming less concerned about the implementation of necessary measures that protect them from cyber-attack (Targeted Cyber-Attacks, 2014). While cybercrime may vary, a specific crime will depend on the type of crime that the criminals have planned for a certain locality hence another variance in cybercrimes attacks.

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The Determining Factor

The frequency of cybercrimes depends on the location of an area. In areas with lower level of socioeconomic status, there is a tendency of higher rates of cybercrime in comparison with the area with higher status. Unemployment can cause elapsing crimes and cybercrime in such an area. Ethnicity determines specialization in a certain area of education. One can be sure that, where there is more computer advanced ethnicity, there is a tendency of high rates of cybercrime. Finally, a community profile is very important as it can determine propensity of crime occurrence. When the profile has more educated people but unemployed, crime happens more often as compared to a situation when people are employed. Depending on the community’s profile, the cybercrime can be at peak or vice versa.


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