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Moon Shining

The religious fundamentalism and push from the women that alcohol was not right for the society was at its peak at the turn of the century. Such voices were even supported more by the factory workers who felt that alcohol compromised their business operations. With all these voices coming together, a temporary prohibition against transportation and sell of alcohol was offered in 1917. Two years later in November, Congress passed the National Prohibition Act which was to ensure that there was no consumption of alcohol across the states. While there was seemingly some positive change in the society initially, matters went out of hand with the rise of moonshining early on in the next decade. The alcohol lovers devised ingenious ways to beat the law and continue with their operations illegally. Moonshining involved production of illegal (and sometimes harmful) liquor in private homes and thus posing a challenge for the authorities.

In fact, matters went from bad to worse since the moonshining and bootlegging led to even more criminal behavior especially with the involvement of gangs. The most famous of these has to be the Bondurant Clan led by three brothers. Operating in the Franklin County, the Bondurant clan evaded the authorities while maintaining a legendary perception in the public as that of a dangerous organized gang. The statistics we also not looking good with reported cases of deaths from the moonshine rising to 4125 in 1925. Furthermore, the authorities were also taking bribes from such gangs and thus the rise of a corrupt society. At the heart of the Great Depression in 1932, it became obvious that legalizing this activity could just prove the turning point since at the moment, the country was gaining nothing. In fact, Franklin Roosevelt used this as his main campaign agenda to get to power the same year. In 1933, there was no option but to get rid of the law, which was made possible by the 21st Amendment that repealed the National Prohibition Act.


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