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Music has always played a significant role in my life. Since early childhood, music was everywhere. I grew up in Pereira, Columbia; in this city, music is more than a piece of art or a way to entertain oneself. People and music coexist; they fill each other and influence each other. Music is the reflection of how people perceive the world, what they do, and how they behave. My parents have often visited clubs before I was born; probably, that has made the music an important aspect in my family. My father always had the best equipment and played different styles of Colombian music.

I cannot imagine a day without listening to music. When I was a child, my parents turned on the radio every morning, and I remember the rhythms of salsa, vallenato, cumbia, and reguaetton. Hence, I have always liked Hispanic music; even today, I spend my day listening to music when I drive a car, want to relax, or when I am at home with my friends and relatives. I like Colombian music; I have always liked it, and despite the fact that today I live in the USA, I still listen to the music I used to when I was a child.

Music is the thing that shapes my character and behavior. My actions, world view, and relations with people are much influenced by music. The songs that I listen contain certain message that may change a mind and make a person perceive some things from a different side. Hispanic music is very positive; it is active and vivid. This music does not make a person sad; it helps to overcome difficult situations that one may face in everyday life. Thus, I like Hispanic music more than other genres, because it can always make me feel better. Another factor why I like this music is my origin and childhood. I grew up in the environment where Hispanic music was everywhere – in my house, in the streets, shops, and clubs. Therefore, it is the music that reflects my culture, traditions, and values. Other genres of music are also nice, and sometimes, I like to listen to them too. However, I cannot say that it is my music though it also can be as smooth and active as the Hispanic one.

The role of music in Columbia is difficult to overestimate. Columbia is the country which every citizen is proud of and loves his/her native music. When one visits Columbia for the first time, he/she will probably think that every driver, people in the pub, or shop assistants know the words of every song. Another factor is that music in Columbia has its own high position in the society life; it is not a staff that people listen to in order to free their minds from any thoughts. Here, music is a heritage and is valued highly, because it presents the Colombian culture in its variety.

Columbian music introduces different styles that bring certain mood and goal. For instance, Vallenato is pure Colombia; it reflects the traditions of Hispanic farmers and African-American slaves. Cumbia is as well important as Vallenato, but it originates from the Caribbean region and also has roots from European music. Reggaeton is one of the deepest kinds of music that has an infectious beat and catchy choruses. Merengue can be heard mostly on the dance floors; this genre of music is rhythmical and active. Champeta originates from the Caribbean coast and introduces strong snare drum and intricate guitar work.

To sum up, it can be said that Columbian music is a non-typical style of music, because it reflects the traditions and values of the culture where it come from. People who were born in Columbia can hardly imagine their lives without this music.


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