UK Custom Essay Sample on «Quality Systems»

Quality Systems

The ISO 9000 family of standards mainly deals with the expectations and requirements that key organizations worldwide are supposed to fulfill. Its key objective is to make sure that organizations meet the needs of the customers and other stakeholders. In order to attain this, the family has set standards that deal with issues of quality management systems. These are designed in a way to create an environment, which promotes the relationship between organizations, stakeholders, and their esteemed customers. This is because any organization that desires to remain competitive in this 21st Century has to be careful in handling issues that pertain to customers and other necessary standards in production of goods and services. Likewise, the quality of products and service is a key factor in any organization, and therefore the family has formulated standards aimed at ensuring that the quality management systems. Despite the many advantages attached to these management standards, it is unfortunate that other people have criticized it. Those who oppose the system suggest that it is wasteful and not beneficial to many organizations as the proponents argue.

The movie highlights key points such as how the international standards creates and has already created great confidence worldwide which is one of the key goals of standardization. The viewers of the movie are assured of maximum utility and satisfaction from the systems, products, and services. Moreover, these standards are created in an environment that embraces openness and transparency where all the stakeholders can give their views and suggestions. Another important point in the movie is the need to embrace technology and innovation, which is necessary in meeting changing needs in the society due to technological advancement. This includes the invention of ever-high quality products and communicating the large array of technology in its complexity. The movie also highlights key issues of Corporate Social Responsibility that are necessary in attaining sustainable development.

In conclusion, these standards are very essential since they protect the public from danger, harm, and other harmful effects of pollution. Likewise, they are very basic in ensuring that efficiency is promoted.


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