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Tree Rings

Tree rings are also referred to as growth rings or annual rings. They have various shapes depending on the way they are cut from the tree trunks. This can be cut in a horizontal way as a result of a horizontal cut. According to specialists in this field, tree rings result from a new growth in a new vascular cambium of the tree which other scholars have referred to as secondary growth. Another cause of this growth is a fast or speeded growth in a particular season which usually characterizes an increase in the age of the tree. Moreover, these rings are not visible in every climate or zones, because they are usually triggered by inter-changing weather seasons, which mostly occur in the temperate zones. The process through which the rings erupt is when there is a speedy growth in the tree, which makes the wood becoming less dense. In these temperate zones, scientific research has shown that trees here form at least a single growth ring due to the speedy change in the seasons, whereby the newer ring is formed adjacent to the bark. One of the key necessary conditions for the tree rings to develop is the availability of enough moisture and a long season which is conducive for this growth. Unfortunately, a dry season or lack of rains for a long season results to the formation of a very thin or narrow ring. On the other hand, specific weather conditions in a season may result into the development of numerous rings such as the unfavorable conditions experienced in the mid-summer droughts. Furthermore, trees growing majorly in California more often do not add a ring each year due to the availability of heavy rains and a higher spring time seasons which provide humble and long time for growth.


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