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A Rose for Emily

Faulkner establishes time and place in the story “A Rose for Emily" in his fictional city of Jefferson, Mississippi. The author does not present his characters in a conventional linear methodology; instead, he controls and shifts time elongating the story for several decades. The setting of the story is in an old creepy house in the Yoknapatawpha County between the years 1860s and 1930s. This setting is a presentation of the fiction of the life of Emily Grierson. The plot of the story would be completely different if the setting was in New York due to social and political factors.

A speaker is vital in a poem due to the fact that he or she can alter the tone of the poem using aspects such as reactions and emotion that they express verbally, the tone of voice that they use and in the interpretation of the poem. Strategies of identifying a speaker in a poem includes reading the poem to understand the kind of a person who ahs written the poem, looking at the tittle, the content of the poem and finally the tone and emotions of the poem.

In a poem whereby the poet has not directly mentioned the time, place and the situation, one can recognize these aspects through a critical analysis of the setting and the characters in the poem3. It is via this analysis whereby the reader is able to tell the situation of the poet clearly.

The scene of "The Cherry Orchard" in the Nursery May Outside and the scene near the cherry orchard establish the theme of love. These senses portray incidents whereby characters are involved in activities of strong relationships. The initial situation in “A Rose for Emily” is a funeral attended by every person in town; this is where the situation of death and taxes start in the story. The setting of 'A Rose for Emily' is the imaginary town of Jefferson in Yoknapatawpha this in the County of Mississippi. The time in the story is extended over three age bracket of post Civil War in the South.


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