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Annabel Lee

The story about Annabel written by Edgar Allan Poe was one of the most thrilling and informative love narratives that the poet composed towards the end of his writing career. Although the poem is interesting in many ways, the poet portrays merely his life with Virginia Clemm, whom he argues to be a very beautiful. The romantic insinuation that the poem “Annamel Lee” depicts is very strong because the woman in question eventually died few months shortly after marriage. Therefore, even though the poet was merely presenting a personal point of view, he presents a strong love that Annabel had as one that can neither be broken by demons nor angels.



The author used metaphor in writing the poem to create a sense of humor and stressing the main idea. For instance, the poet indicates that, and I quote: “adulthood was viewed as a corruption of the purer instincts of childhood”. In this statement, the childhood romance directly equates to interference with the intuition of a young person, meaning that love and romance might create unnecessary illusions as in the case of Annabel Lee.


Indeed, imagery is used to create pictorial aspect of Annabel’s physical environment that he shared with her lover. For instance, the author uses the Kingdom that is situated besides the sea as an image to describe the site of this story; however, he does not become specific about the location. He only proceeds to create an idealistic scenario where the new couple shared a brief of their life. Despite the romance being strong, it does not end at the same note, but descends to a gloom image. This is in form of a statue just near the sea. Moreover, the author keeps referring to this place as the “The city in the sea” despite the insinuation that it is fit to be so. More importantly, the imagery of the city creates a nostalgic tone for the entire poem to depict the image of Annabel’s strong love that goes beyond any form of dilution.  


According to the author, the lovers’ emotions symbolize an affection that young married persons do have in the advent of their relationship. Perhaps, such emotions are complex as the poem depicts. Annabel is also symbolically used to display the characters of the poet’s wife. The character also shows a form of attachment of two lovers, not merely by their young ages, but also by love and anticipations of the future ahead of them. Consequently, the sudden death of the young woman greatly affects her male companion to an extent of interfering with his inherent paternalism.


It is obvious that the theme in this poem is love. There is an affectionate love between Annabel and her partner. Their love was more than mere adoration, thus affected one party when the other dies. The other theme is separation. This happens as a result of death. Annabel’s death separates her from the short lived lover. The third theme is suffering. As in the poem, the untimely death of the woman led to unconsciousness of her companion, leading to psychological suffering.


As the poet showed, the couple were still young and had life ahead, meaning that the sudden death of the woman had an impact on her lover’s life. Using metaphor, imagery, symbol, and theme, the author depicts a clear portrait of life that had been cut prematurely of its pleasures before the woman’s partner could capture her beauty romance and characters. His heroines on the other side was getting towards a love pinnacle that could neither be assumed nor let to perish even if the partner was almost dying that moment.


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