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Children's Literature

Literature is a written or nonverbal type of art that is of artistic value to the reader. It comes in many forms, including novels, drama, poetry, and short stories. Besides, literature is oriented at various audiences. Therefore, the writer or narrator should employ the basics to target each group appropriately for the literary piece to capture the attention of the desired reader. For instance, the content in children’s literature is not the same as that in adult materials. Hence, this paper is going to discuss and explain it, while outlining various examples to deepen its understanding.

Children literature comprises easy-to-read genres such as counting and alphabetic books, animal fantasy stories, legends, and fairy tales. In the nineteenth century, it was meant to instruct and instill religious morals in children. Today, writers employ serious issues such as terrorism and technology in their plot. There’s no Place like Space is a good book about technology showing how scientists have explored the space and discovered the solar system by the use of devices like space rockets (Rabe & Ruiz, 1999). Besides, children’s books involve a simple expression of ideas for kids experimenting with more forms of literature, including, jokes, cartoons, and comics, unlike in works aimed at adults.

Children develop in stages. Therefore, in the period between the ages of 0-6, they should use books that are easy to understand because they begin to acquire language rapidly and recognize letters. Therefore, such books as an ABC3D chart are vital for this age (Barone, 2011). In contrast, those of 9-12 read for knowledge and experience. Nonfiction and fiction books such as The Secret Garden fit for this age (Barone, 2011). For one to understand children’s literature best, it is imperative to explain its major characteristics.

Constant repetition of words, numbers, and events characterize this literature. It helps words stick in the minds of kids, which eventually makes them grasp repeated words and concepts fully. This feature is evident in The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Secondly, the literature is full of illustrations in the form of pictures(Barone, 2011). The latter are a way of stimulating the imagination of children because they can follow along without even understanding the written explanation of images. It is important to note that children’s literature is very optimistic with most stories having happy endings highlighting the innocent nature of children.

I would also define children’s literature as materials that children read or listen to and that add value to their lives. Therefore, it should contribute to cognitive development and the creativity of a child (Galda, Liang, & Cullinan, 2016). A wordless picture story is a good example because it helps children analyze images and develop their understanding. Secondly, literature helps them judge between good and evil. In the book Where the Wild Things Are, mother denies Max food as a way of punishing him for yelling at her (Sendak, 2001). Therefore, children learn that it is wrong to do such things. Lastly, children’s literature should impact their knowledge about their culture and that of others by familiarizing with values and norms acceptable and non-acceptable in various nations. For example, The Night before Christmas helps children understand the story behind Santa Claus and the reason for giving gifts during the season and its significance to the Americans (Galda et al., 2016).

Therefore, children’s books, poems, stories or songs should possess the features above and should be of value to children in terms of their cognitive, social and emotional development. A literary piece developed for this group that does not meet such qualities is of less importance. With numerous literature materials on the market, parents and teachers should make it their duty to choose quality books instilling into children the importance of reading or listening to good literature.


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