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Ethan Frome

In the widest sense, education or learning as depicted in the novel plays a significant role in transforming society. Mostly, improving productivity, skills development, and enhanced understanding is achieved by making sure that the workforce comprises of educated people. Therefore, despite the challenges in acquiring an education, the advantages make it necessary.

The Role of Education and/or Learning (in the Widest Sense) in the Work

The author fairly presented the role and significance of education and learning in the work environment. As portrayed in the story, the social process of joining an organization is rather complex to most stakeholders. Ideally, the author was categorical that some of the common social processes of joining an organization of which the older workers have adequate knowledge about as compared to the younger colleagues include assimilation, civilization, marginalization, and professionalization. The text creates an impression that the application of organizational processes varies depending on the organization and policies it adopts. Therefore, the integration of theories of organizational processes and analyses justifies the importance of this theme.            

The author based his argument on the educational experiences of different gender groups, including males and females. On the other hand, socialization theory was portrayed to be based to the cultural expectations of different groups in the organization. Cultural processes were also some of the significant social aspects which, according to the author, stimulate a particular group to join an organization and contribute to its success. For example, the novel indicated that gender inequality was generally present in the places of work such as the one witnessed in most companies, where women constituted a minimal number compared to males.

In understanding the social processes of joining an organization, having adequate knowledge of the procedures is very vital. The novel depicted that it is only education that makes one achieve and use such knowledge. For instance, assimilation is the social process of absorbing different groups of people from different background to an organization. In addition, civilization is a social process whereby the organization realizes its optimal level of development and management of affairs. Alternatively, marginalization was depicted in the novel as a social process of making a given group remain servants, thus integrating with other organizations. Finally, professionalization was also found to be another vital social process whereby different categories of people come together under an entity to achieve a common goal. The author clarified that a social process of joining an organization ensures that various professionals from different background representing diverse interests join an organization to use their skills in improving the production. Therefore, explicit understanding of each social process is significant when one plans to join an organization.

Learning plays an important role in work; this has been evidenced in many organizations. As indicated in the novel, education or learning format that the organization takes should aim at increasing the employees’ potential and expertise in various departments. The author also acknowledged that there are different learning aspects, which are appropriate for various departments within the organization. This can be justified using available research findings, which indicate that the mode of learning the organization adopts depends on the level of convenience of the method, whether it is a formal / classroom or E-learning. For instance, E-learning becomes the best alternative that many companies prefer due to its convenience and efficiency.

Regardless of the definition attached to E-learning, a company chooses to adopt this method, because most of the company operations are inclined toward technology usage. Although the author notes that its application comes with increased expenditure, the advantages of E-learning overrides the disadantages associated with this practice. For instance, learning is an effective way of disseminating information about organizational culture so that the company could reduce increasing instances of tension among the workers. E-learning also makes it easy for the participants to understand the organizational dynamics and practices.

However, the lack of knowledge might bar the employees from utilizing the available technology to provide services. For instance, the evidence that the author relied on regarding the issues of culture and stresses in all the departments in the organization might inhibit learning. Essentially, many employees assert that the human resource culture in the organization could be supportive and cohesive, thus the organizational stresses that the departments experienced were against the spirit of their culture. A good example is the moment when the employees feel that they are not supported or have interpersonal conflict; thus they become stressed. Speaking about cohesiveness in the organization, the author indicated that the work environment could be family-like, friendly, close-knit, and is generally perceived to be a result of teamwork and proper learning of the other people’s ways of life. Literally, the work environment could help each other to learn if it is facilitated by information sharing, thus company managements do consider educational requirements and the plight of the workers.

Marketing of company products and services only succeeds if the people involved have adequate information about them. This has been identified as one of the tools that if appropriately done, will encourage their utilization, which ultimately impacts positively the functioning of the organization. Basically, learning ensures high visibility and if presented in a positive way, encourages members of the organizations to utilize the program service fully.

Moreover, the author postulated that formal learning has a significant role in enlightening the society on matters dealing with working conditions in a given entity. As depicted in the novel, supervisory training, levels of staff awareness, and issues of gender have a big impact on the utilization of available resources. In this regard, benchmarking is largely a performance improvement tool used in supervisory training. It calls for a well-structured process of a company’s initiative to increase the level of awareness on policy issues. Business and non-business entities therefore use benchmarking initiatives to enhance their competitiveness. In addition, benchmarking has nowadays evolved to become one of the most essential business elements in corporate business performance management; this is achieved by adopting appropriate learning strategies.

Benchmarking is widely viewed as the process involving the comparison of an entity’s business processes and performance metrics to those of the industry’s leaders. If combined with supervisory training and gender balance, benchmarking processes that are measured include time, costs, and quality of the deliverables in the particular industry. Commonly, business entities identify leading corporations in their particular industry sectors which they study and compare their existing business processes with the aim of making necessary improvements or adjustments on supervisory training, levels of staff awareness, and issues of gender. This shows the significant and the great contribution of learning to the workplace

The work has adequately addressed the idea of coincidence in the workplace as a very important aspect that can affect production. For instance, one must understand that there is an expounded competition in the industry in which businesses operate. It means that success should not be viewed as a coincidence, but as a result of hard work while articulating different roles in the workplace. In this regard, competition implies that risk-adjusted rates of return need to be similar and must be adequately learnt and addressed.

The novel indicated that the gross profit could be due to the objective strategies adopted. Therefore, the industry’s structure explains ppart of this difference that is mainly caused by the variations in the use of company services. In addition, the model remains a guide for making choice for many renowned corporate leaders and strategic managers around the world meaning that the researcher will have to use it. The concept is of paramount importance in developing a company’s competitive advantage.

The educational model that the workplace employs and its theoretical foundations would be subject to constant criticism with critics arguing that the structure-conduct-performance that is the basis of its approach to organization that lacks rigor. The approach is never a coincidence and will nevertheless be significant as it allows a company to understand different ways of using available services and competition and to predict any possible changes in profitability with reference to changes in industry structure.

Despite what the author may have to say, several sobering findings have proved that the need to learn and clearly understand the determinants of competitive advantage in a workplace is vital towards achieving its profitability. This should not be taken as a coincidence. Indeed, understanding the relationship between workplace structure and competition should be reconsidered and explored more rigorously; sophisticated approaches such as game theory should be applied in understanding the company’s operations and success strategies. The model usually revolves around competitive industry in their bid to make more profit, not on coincidence.

In light of this topic, a number of issues relating to educational model become clear and can only be examined by exploring various objective analyses in this field of study. A research will have to clearly define how a given piece of work would be perceived by the onlookers. The choice of appropriate education model will have profound effects on the viewers and should be done bearing in mind the competitors in the market.

Therefore, a worker may be tempted to integrate more than one of the education models in his/her operations, including intentional lies to create the desired appeal. This is a make-or-break decision that the workers need to tactfully make as they lead their entity towards reaching its goals and mission. Consultative learning and creativity must be used in crafting the lies and should be made on the different models that exist.

In addition, education improves creativity. It has to involve advisors from the industry, but mostly those who are dealing with different product lines as well as get the advice of a different trusted advisor from the entirely different industries so as to have out-of-the box thinking. The result will be contradicting as the advice from the different advisors may conflict, and the business models’ finances have to be undertaken. Personally, I agree with this position because the intended appeal can sometimes be achieved by incorporating imaginations, which might not necessarily be true. The main idea here is to convey a particular message to the readers of the work and attract their attention, perhaps to make sales. Therefore, the work can incorporate a lie that actually makes us appreciate the truth .

The Work’s Influence of the Past

Using the work Ethan From, the writer has revealed the persistent influence of the past despite numerous problems to realize the good end. Frome’s past was wanting characterizing uncertainty in any setup whether private or public; however, tactfully, he was able to overcome most of the eventualities and live a more promising life than in the past. This is a manifestation that things evolve from bad to good as long as one is determined to initiate change. In this context, the past of any given workplace might be inclined to a poor end despite various attempts to reverse the situation. However, with adequate training and implementing the ideas learnt, the system might be changed to be better than usual. Therefore, the power of training has a great influence on matters relating to a shift in workplace policies, thus making it bearable to the workers.

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