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Assessing Your Leadership Style

Being a leader is a very challenging task since one takes the whole responsibility of accomplishing a particular goal. What is more, it is crucial to organize the work of the team members or subordinates in an effective manner to make the working process accurate and efficient and complete the tasks on a timely manner.. Being in charge is a difficult and responsible work, and, therefore, not every person can boast of the ability and desire to be a leader. A manager is responsible not only for the outcome of the working or production process, but also for the relationships with and between the employees. These factors impact the effectiveness of the work and its results, namely the final product or service. Failure to perform the managing functions in an appropriate and professional manner may result in high losses or can damage the reputation of the business. Thus, there exist a number of professional tests and evaluations that can help estimate the leadership skills of a person, Leadership Grid is one of such tests.

Concerning personal results, I got the following grades: 32 for task type of leadership and 32 for relationship type of leadership. In fact, I have a moderate “concern for people” as well as “concern for results”. However, I cannot consider myself as possessing high leadership skills. When at school, I never took the leading role in activities that required organization or leadership skills. I did not actively participate in organizing parties or conducting group projects. It was much easier for me to accomplish an individual task than take control over the whole project or work over the final result. Moreover, being a leader implies encouraging and stimulating other people while I always needed support from the outside to perform the task successfully. Furthermore, whenever writing an essay or report, I always asked my friends or parents for their opinion or advice as it has always been crucial for me to receive some encouragement from my peers.

As far as personal attitude is concerned, according to the Grid, I would categorize myself as Middle-of-the-Road Management. I suppose that this style may be termed as effective and allows a person possessing such characteristics to organize the working process thoroughly and efficiently. The main advantage of such leader is the ability to combine both the proper accomplishment of the task and establishment of friendly relations between all the participants of the working process. Secondly, this person has a moderate attitude towards the necessity of the intense and swift work as well is rational regarding the accomplishment of the task in general. Thus, with such a leader in charge, the work is completed rationally, step-by-step and exactly on time. This style can be effective in the accomplishment of the academic projects or when organizing corporative parties and other celebrations and festivities.

Although Middle-of-the-Road Management has a large variety of advantages, there are some disadvantages to take into account. For instance, a person who is expedient, however, slightly indifferent and moderate, will never be ready to perform the work before the deadline. Consequently, such leader may be unable to provide the best result in a highly competitive environment, where outshining the rivals is one of the top priorities. Also, such spheres as advertising, cinematography and others require 24/7 commitment and readiness to work. What is more, being a leader in the production branch requires total concentration on the working process and its outcome. Such person should be controlling, demanding and hard driving to correspond to the environment. Nevertheless, a good leader should possess “concern for people”, for example, when encouraging and leading the employees. The results of their leadership greatly depend on their communication and relationships with the subordinates. The necessity to change the leadership style arises from a particular situation and according to the requirements of a working environment.

The leadership style Middle-of-the-Road Management is effective when conducting the tasks that are to be performed according a specified deadline. For instance, all school and university projects that have a schedule can be organized on a high level by such leaders. What is more, this leadership style can bring positive results at an enterprise when performing reports within a time-set. A person in charge of this task will consider both the results received and the motivation of the subordinates. According to the self-assessment test, my personality cannot be considered as a leader; however, I possess some qualities that are useful when organizing a working process. Being moderately indifferent implicates being not interested neither in the completion of the task nor the organization of work performed by other people. However, in my opinion, these results cannot be considered as totally accurate since there exist many factors to take into account. As far as my attitude is concerned, I am convinced that I am more “result concerned” and can evaluate my leadership skills a bit higher. I firmly believe that the outcome of any work is of paramount importance. Regarding the “people concern”, I would better be controlled and motivated rather than lead and direct other people. For this reason, I my results concerning relationship are rather low.

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To sum up, the role of a leader is vital although complicated and should be estimated in terms of different outer metrics as well as the personal qualities.


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