UK Custom Essay Sample on «Good News and Bad News»

Good News and Bad News

Bad News

First of all, the company would like to thank you for expressing your interest in our internship program that we recently started. However, we regret to inform you that after examining your application, you were not considered for the internship because of your inexperience and low academic level as compared to other applicants. Since you are in your first semester junior and have not worked in a similar position in any company, we believe that you are not conversant with media services and administrative issues that will be needed for one to articulate his/her duties effectively. However, this should not discourage you from applying for other administrative positions in other companies. 

The position requires a person well versed with administrative skills because he/she will work side by side with the company’s President in many facets to articulate most of the duties efficiently. This means that the person to fill this position must have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the work environment in terms of job demand and type of clients that the employee expects to serve. In this regard, the most promising candidate was selected based on his or her relevant academic knowledge and years of experience in administrative matters in a busy environment. These attributes could convince the company of his/her capability.

Considering the above requirements, your academic credentials and experience, you did not emerge as a finalist since other applicants had better and more appropriate qualifications, which made them suitable for the position. Therefore, you may not be up to the task and might not deliver to the expectation of the President and the company at large. We urge you not to take it as a let down, but as a challenge to finalize your studies so that you can increase your chances of being considered for similar position. We had no choice, but to reject your application.    

Good News

Congratulations, upon the receipt of your application letter, a transcript and a sample work, I have the pleasure to inform you that you have emerged as a finalist for an internship program that the company recently initiated. Your performance, as shown in the transcript, is matching the requirements for the job that you will be expected to do. Since the job requires a vibrant and flexible person, you were perceived to be suitable for the position. Even though the work environment could be so demanding, your demonstrated ability and high academic achievement, as depicted in the submitted papers, have made us believe that you are up to the task. This is an opportunity to grow your administrative skills so that you can be at a position to perform similar duties in future.    

As soon as you receive this letter, kindly contact me (the administrator), using my telephone number 317-220-7915 so that we can arrange for an interview with President Steivier. The interview will be very important because it forms the second and final phase of the application process. In addition, it will give us an insight of your practical capability to handle the anticipated duties in this line of career, despite its complex nature. The interview is expected to be interactive to help us evaluate your level of confidence to work side by side with the President. Therefore, you should not view it as a way of eliminating you from the position.

Out of the other applicants for the internship position, your line of education and performance indicated your potential to perform administrative duties as required at the president’s office. As a young and energetic person, we are confident that you are flexible and can live to, and even perform beyond the expectation of the company. Although the position is challenging, it is your dedication that will determine the quality of your performance, hence increasing the possibility of us retaining you in the company.


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