UK Custom Essay Sample on «Importance of Leadership and Authority»

Importance of Leadership and Authority

Leadership is the ability to guide people towards a particular goal. A leader should possess several traits to help him or her in the leadership tasks. Authority is the feature that a leader has to possess. The power to command is entrenched in the leadership position and embraces much responsibility for the position. The paper highlights some of the reasons why managers should have authority over others and the importance of leaders in organizations.

A manager is a leader in any organization who guides and finds implementations of various strategies depending on the objectives of such an organization. Authority is a significant component of any leadership position. A manager needs to have authority over the department he or she oversees. This person needs to have total control over other employees taking into consideration that he or she takes responsibility for everything. The authority wielded in the manager’s position gives him or her confidence and motivation to perform better in their leadership tasks. The authority gives the manager pieces of advice and suggestions from numerous sources and strategies about organization’s direction. This is essential for all leadership positions. Authority is also essential for the manager’s position to provide guidance in organization’s undertakings.

There is a need to establish a leader in all organizations and departments to have the smooth running of the organizations. This clarification of who is in charge in groupings helps to show a clear direction where the authority lies. Leaders in the organization are essential in suggesting the direction to undertake in the development and implementation of agreed strategies. The responsibility for failure and success in all organizations lies with the leader. Managers always try to indicate the right way and provide leadership to the organization for effective communication and efficient production.

Lack of leadership in the organization makes working and completion of tasks a challenge, while each group member tries to outwit the others and thinks independently about how the tasks should be completed. Team building is essential for efficiency of the task completion, but each group has to have leaders who are committed and focused to the team’s objectives. Teams with uncertain leadership face challenges even in their interpersonal relations. There is lack of prioritization of tasks, constant arguments between members and inefficiency in working.

There are various management approaches utilized by different managers in their quest of offering quality leadership to their organizations. One of the most common approaches in modern time is the project management. This approach entails prioritizing a task (project) up to its completion. Managers in this approach offer different strategies for a project and advise on the pathway to its completion. The workers under the manager’s supervision ensure that the manager’s strategies are implemented to the letter. They offer suggestions for problems when the manager’s approval is needed. Through the delegation of authority, project management approach is successful to use in management.

Managers need discipline, motivation and sense of responsibility for excellent management results. Authority and leadership are components of effective running of organizations. It is essential to have a leader in charge of the groups (teams) for efficient completion of tasks and achievement of objectives.


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