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Infineon Technologies Pte Ltd: Organizational Culture and Motivation

Brief Overview of Infineon

For every successful organization, core values and corporate responsibility are essential factors of development in the proper direction. Even with superb education and the highest level employees’ and employers’ professionalism, it is crucially important to organize the work and channel the efforts in the necessary direction. Organizational culture and motivation are the essential aspects of the working process, as they allow to avoid a number of conflicts, create a friendly and healthy atmosphere, make the employees feel valued and raise work effectiveness to maximum (Helou & Viitala 2007). The example of Infineon Technologies development can be used to provide a deep and clear understanding of how the global company, its functioning and treatment of clients is dependent on the ethical principles, conduct guidelines and the leader’s style and choices.

Infineon Technologies Pte Ltd is represented worldwide as a successful and powerful company with a strong orientation on the successful future. The number of workers worldwide in 2014w as reported as 29 807 (Infineon at a Glance 2014, p. 4). Semiconductors and system solutions offered by Infineon improve the performance of modern technologies and contribute not only to the modern life, but also to the future. Its functioning is divided into four main areas which include industrial power control, power management and multimarket, automotive, chip card & security. Being represented in the automotive (9,6%), industrial electronics (12,3%), information and communication technologies (13,6%), and security (21,7%) markets, the company offers solutions aimed at making life “easier, safer and greener” (Infineon 2014, p. 4).  In the same year, the company has managed to reduce its CO2 emissions by more than 14.6 million tons (Infineon 2014, p.  9).

Microelectronics produced by Infineon are considered a key to better future due to its power economy and convenience of usage. The entrepreneurial spirit of the Infineon Company is based on creativity and commitment to each separate customer, investor, employee and the responsibility for the society in general. Moreover, they stay focused on details of production in order to ensure quality and become even more successful.

Responsible behaviour is one of the core values of the company and a key to its success. Infineon combines efficient use of energy, environmentally friendly mobility and security with promoting such approach among the customers. Hence, conscientious approach to resources consumption is not only a corporate position, but the idea for further development, which is obviously observed in all of the company’s advertisements, including recent LED light promotion.

Ethics and corporate social responsibility are crucial for Infineon’s functioning. With a highly ethical mission, the team has to work in conditions that strictly correspond to the UN Global Compact Principles of 2004 (Infineon, 2014, p. 8). The main value is integrity among customers, business partners, employees and the public. Moreover, safety and health measures certified according to OHSAS 18001 standard are a crucial priority, as they deal with supply chain management and other operations. As for the conduct guidelines, they also reflect the commitment of the leaders and employees and correspond to internationally proclaimed human rights.

The Culture of the Organization

The reason for studying organizational culture is comprehending organizational life better. The culture of organization is a notion that identifies its levels of professionalism, seriousness and trustworthiness (Sun 2008). With the development of a company, its culture also changes, improves and advances. This change may directly affect employees’ performance, atmosphere inside the company, attitudes toward work, etc. The motivation is purely dependent on the culture among the workers, managers, bosses, clients and so on. In such a way, it defines whether an organization will be successful or not. There are many examples of how organizational culture and its constituents influence employees and the relationships between them, as well as create an atmosphere that becomes influential for the growth of effectiveness in the entire team. The example of Infineon Technologies shows how motivation is growing with the development of a well-functioning culture and becomes an integral part of the company’s daily life contributing to corporate behavior, proper management and success.

If the “unhappiness of the workers is alarming”, it is advisable to create such conditions, when they feel energetic, relaxed, but concentrated on the job at the same time (Gregory, 2011, p. 33). Among the most widely spread problems causing uncomfortable feelings at work one can identify low salary, annoying rules or unpleasant boss or colleague. These factors may not seem of great significance from the first sight, however, they are usually the most common reasons that make people not enjoy their jobs and workplaces.

What may have a great impact on improving “job satisfaction and organizational commitment” is the effect produced by the “organizational culture and leadership style” (Lok & Crawford 2004, p. 324). The abovementioned constituents of a perfectly performing employee due to the positive internal culture will definitely be fruitful, as the level of performance and effectiveness will increase (Lok & Crawford 2004, p. 325). The notion of culture “refers to the underlying values, beliefs, codes” that form a society and make it function properly (Owoyemi & Ekwoaba 2014, p. 168). Culture comprises of various beliefs, habits, symbols, behaviors, and norms, both positive and negative, however, altogether it is a whole system (Owoyemi & Ekwoaba 2014, p. 169). To make it operate properly, all these issues are to be combined and united into a scheme, which will help create an atmosphere of uniqueness and complexity. The arguments and discussions concerning the notion of culture arise when it is viewed as an instrument for getting advantages for a company, such as financial gains. Some scholars claim that the culture within an organization should carry “consistency, consensus and possession of single and unified culture” (Owoyemi & Ekwoaba 2014, p. v169). All these thing create an organizational culture. This kind of culture creates the so-called “energy and momentum” (Sokro 2012, p. 107). The energy will penetrate into the organization and “create a new momentum for success” (Sokro 2012, p. 107).

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Another point that affects the culture of an institution or organization is related to management (Sinha et al. 2010). A mistake on this level may damage or even ruin the atmosphere and culture from the inside. Being a successful leader definitely brings fruitful results, especially when employees feel cared about and are treated properly. This might be viewed as a type of motivation need to create a good team and promote it. However, when a leader is too loyal, there is often a negative reaction from the scholars, as there still should exist some distance, in order not to lose the priority. The example might be some small or medium Asian companies that are known for preserving hierarchy and bureaucratic positions based on seniority and authority (Lok & Crawford, 2004 p. 325). However, western companies are advised to apply “a flatter organization structure and low power distance” through the empowerment of the employees (Lok & Crawford 2004, p.324).

Infineon has great respect towards the lifestyle of its workers, which is reflected in the ability to adjust schedules and combine family life with work, but still feel valued and appreciated as a professional. There is also increased awareness of family issues in the company (Infineon 2015, p. 12). Moreover, all members get equal opportunities regardless of their gender, race or any other features. Together with providing clients with high quality products, Infineon Technologies takes care of its workers according to the abovementioned points concerning the internal policy. The company aims at providing employees with proper working conditions in order to obtain good and quality items for the company to function well and remain one of the world’s leaders in the sphere of technology (Infineon 2015a). The set targets are expected to be achieved through the running of a company according to the solutions which are focused on the commitment to its customers.

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The issue of employee safety has always been a matter of the utmost importance. The concept is based on preventing accidents and creating a safe working environment. Hence, informational technologies are exceptionally effective for the communication and smooth work of the team, especially if it is connected with information sharing (Egbu et al. 2001). The measures taken are designed to reduce possible risks that may threaten employees in any way (Infineon Official Website 2015). One of the steps in this direction is the use of personal protective equipment aimed at preventing hazardous situations. Moreover, employees are regularly informed about workplace-specific issues (Infineon Official Website 2015).

Infineon’s culture of organization is highly dependent on how comfortable the employees feel, hence, the company does everything to provide them with the necessary information, which results in the company’s “overall success” (Infineon Official Website 2015). When working days are difficult and may cause lots of stress, Infineon conducts “stress management training events” to prevent further problems and conflicts by applying various relaxation methodologies (Infineon Official Website 2015). The main advantage of the developed culture in this organization is the attempt to solve all possible problematic issues not only related to work, but also family concerns and other personal issues, by the means of counselling (Infineon Official Website 2015).

Another feature promoted by the company’s culture policy is defining and preserving “work-life balance” (Infineon Official Website 2015). This means finding a balance between duties at work and at home so that they will not have a hazardous impact on each other. Special attention is also given to the corporate governance. It comprises of trust, which is established by the combination of national and international investors, business partnerships and employees. The purpose is to reach close interaction through meetings and communication as well as organization of corporate events (Infineon Official Website 2015).

The notion of organizational culture has been established through the realization of how it impacts the company’s internal atmosphere. It is a defining tool from the point of concerning the level of professionalism and reliability. Different scholars claim that this is one of the major constituents of profitability. The organizational success is also dependent on the relationship between employees and the management. Successful leadership is analyzed through the attitudes towards the environment within the company. Moreover, the success is very likely to be achieved as a result of counselling, the aim of which is to discuss the issues both related to work and family. The positive outcome is mainly observed when the harmony between the two items is achieved. The organization of stress management training events is aimed at easing the difficulties related to the abovementioned issues. Safety is a matter of great value, which is preserved through the high level of equipment appropriateness, professionalism of employees and a positive atmosphere in the company. Its policy serves as a good example for other companies which aim to reach success.

Staff Motivation

Moods and emotions are exceptionally important while performing various tasks. Therefore, in any organization, special approaches to support of the emotional well-being and mood of the workers should be taken. Bigger companies with more vivid working process and numerous co-workers can be at a greater threat of worsening the mood and productivity of its employees. Among a number of possible helpful decisions, the company should focus on various ways of stress reduction, social activities and, of course, workers’ motivation. With regard to the reports and feedbacks provided by Infineon, one can conclude that they have exceptionally effective policies that keep motivation of their workers high.

The values of the organization are the foundation of the workers’ motivation. A number of scholars prove that motivation is the basis of satisfaction and commitment (Yamsul et al. 2013, p. 18). For Infineon, it is obvious that motivation and culture are strongly interconnected. As stated in Hartmann’s research (2006, p. 159), motivation is often a basic inspiration for various innovations. A fierce belief in the mission and goal of the company should be the first step on the way to creating the mood of feeling important on the job. Rewards, recognition, and ability to fulfil the potential are major factors that predetermine the possibility to motivate people to work diligently.


Considering payments, the balance between the worth of the job for the organization and the comparative salary for the common work within the industry should be kept. According to Infineon’s report on compensation and benefits (2015b), one can see that the company considers rewards to be important and conducts the comparison of the national compensation levels with regard to the challenges and difficulties that may be predetermined by some definite positions and peculiar tasks. Infineon also provides an annual bonus in addition to the fixed salary (Infineon 2015b). However, these are not only material bonuses. With regard to the fact that the company’s mission is orientation towards better future, Infineon also offers workers such benefits as decent pension plans, good private insurance rates and collective bargaining agreements as well as vacation payment (Infineon 2015b). Hence, one can conclude that material reward provided by the company is fair and can be considered a good motivation for its employees.

With regard to the core values of the company, it is necessary to refer to the culture of Infineon and its contribution to the creation of unique motivational factors for the staff. According to one of Infineon’s reports (Infineon 2013), Infineon is an attractive place to work as it provides a great number of opportunities. It lets mothers get flex-time arrangements to combine time at work with family (Infineon 2013, p. 4). In such a way, workers feel valued and live balanced lives. The workers also report that they get a possibility to fulfill their potential, as they feel great support of the company in their career development (Infineon 2013, p. 5). Treating people as a key to the company’s success has inspired the firm to create the following elements for a more attractive environment: diversity management, equal opportunities, development and promotion, health and care support (Infineon 2013, p. 8). These common practices were reported for Germany and Austria. A report shows that good mood and high motivational level are supported by an occupational health management system with various programs creating an ability to balance personal life and work, attend special trainings and management programs such as YIP and establish an overall high value of each worker (Infineon 2015, pp. 23-28). The Human Resource Management Report (Infineon 2012, p. 5) emphasized the following pillars of a highly excellent culture and motivation in the company: leadership excellence, promoting talent, employee commitment and organizational change. The main aspects of leadership excellence include leadership culture, honest feedback and healthy leadership (Infineon 2012). Promotion of talent is based on talent management, encouragement of diversity, cooperation with universities and trainings (Infineon 2012). Finally, competence development, support of dialogue with employees, idea management and compensation are the major contributors to the workers’ commitment (Infineon 2012).

According to Robbins & Judge (2015, p. 73), motivation depends on three factors: intensity, direction and persistence. One can see that Infineon’s policies correspond to all these demands, as the work is based on “efficiency, motivation and willingness to perform” (Infineon 2011, p. 7). Moreover, motivation can be based on two main aspects: avoiding negative stimuli and attracting positive ones. With regard to human traits and possible predetermined reactions and behavior, it is necessary to conduct the effective preliminary HR work to monitor the candidate, who is initially more appropriate to accept Infineon’s principles. As for the other candidates, who possibly lack positive self-evaluation or adjustability, the company should offer some trainings (Robbins & Judge 2015, p. 103). The reports provided by Infineon show that the common training and cooperation with universities are provided (Infineon at a Glance 2014). The excellence of people working in the company is based on the pillars of HR strategy: “leadership”, “talents”, and “workforce” (Infineon 2014). Moreover, Robbins & Judge (2015, p. 171) defined the main aspects that should be considered by the managers who control the working process. It is necessary to ensure appropriate extrinsic rewards for employees with regard to their desire for autonomy, relatedness, and competence (Robbins & Judge 2015). The transparency and achievability of the aims often lead to high productivity levels. It is also appropriate to provide support when completing different tasks in order to show interest and value of each worker. Fair treatment of all workers is crucial and their engagement in various activities has to be rewarded fairly.

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Among the possible ways to improve motivation of employees, it is necessary to mark leadership, interpersonal relations and communication within the team, and determination of moods of the customers (Robbins & Judge 2015, p. 87). Hence, modelling positive emotions in various possible ways is one of the best choices for the company. In case of Infineon, which is marked by high motivation as it is, the choice of such model can be quite useful and make the work even more effective. Proper motivation should be based on raising moods. Among the practices that can be helpful, one can find exercising in the morning together as contribution to the positive and friendly atmosphere, special demands to communication during the negotiation that should be respectful and high appreciation of each worker. It is of great importance to monitor the workers’ behaviors in order to avoid possible offences. Moreover, security and injury control are also crucial for the proper mood of workers and their motivation. It is possible to add more rules of conduct in the office that would encourage the display of positive emotions to co-workers and customers.

Finally, it is necessary to keep in mind that motivation can be raised by making goals more specific and less difficult, increasing employee confidence and self-efficacy, as well as sharing information openly. All these aims can be achieved with regard to the following core dimensions: skills variety, task identity, significance, autonomy and feedback (Robbins & Judge 2015, p. 177). Employees have to understand the meaningfulness of their work, bear responsibility for the outcomes, and have knowledge about the actual results and achievements.


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