UK Custom Essay Sample on «Risk Management in an Organization»

Risk Management in an Organization

(a) Process of Risk Management

In an organization, managing the risk of data loss is very critical to its success. For example, in cases when the workstation collapses abruptly, the user has confidence that his/her data is safe and retrieves them. The person/user simply installs software such as replica in a different machine and log in to it. He/she either continues working on the data or retrieves it if the work had completed. Truly, this makes the data safe from unauthorized used and interference, a sense of security of the information. Frequently, the users lose data as a result of unprecedented system’s breakdown. Therefore, the company has solved this through the innovation that has reduced fear among the users of PCs and other systems.

(b) Meaning of the Statement below

In risk management perspective, organizations should evaluate the tradeoffs between perfect security and unlimited accessibility. They have to bring residual risk into line with their comfort zone or risk appetite. This statement means that a security system cannot be perfect if its code can be easily accessible. In reality, unlimited access to the details of a security software interferes with its secrecy, meaning that many unauthorized people can use it for own good or to interfere with the entire system. The management has the responsibility to limit the access of a security software to authorized personnel, who must sign to uphold the secrecy and abide by it always. Understanding the tradeoffs will make sure that the security serves its role of protecting that particular system.

(c) Pursuing a more ‘Perfect Security’ than ‘Unlimited Accessibility’

Obviously, there have to be people with access to the security of a system, thus it is important to pursue a perfect security than focusing on unlimited access. The reason for a perfect security is that there are different viruses that affect data storage in an organization, making them vulnerable to attack. However, a focus on perfect security such as cloud computing will make sure that the stored data do not get grossly affected by malicious software such as spyware, worms, adware, viruses, and malware. The jurisdiction of access to information might be leaked to unauthorized personnel, thus could severely affect the computer and data that it contains. The user should not assume that all the data is safe even if he/she uses less dangerous such as myspace. In fact, a perfect information security will overcome most of the challenges that most data storages and transmissions encounters, thus more dependable than focusing on its unlimited accessibility.

(d) Risk Control Strategies

The safety of data comprises of various platforms to make sure that the information remains protected currently and in future. It involves strategies and tools, which guarantee database safety. Notably, data security remains largely a policy issue whether the information is in the form of print or internet. The users and owners of the data have to be sure that the information is not vulnerable to hacking. After long research regarding the threats on data security, company managers became determined to provide a reliable solution to this developing technological problem hence the building of replica software to control such risks. The user company would work closely with, among other databases, SQL server to provide data security for computer and other system’s users. By using this strategy, the user discovers that Cache had high-performance as they required, thus became the foundation for developing the data security software.


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