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Strategic HRM

Corning efforts were successful due to the strength they got from committing themselves to core technologies and ongoing research. Besides this, basing on the fact that the market is always evolving, corning practiced proper management of being innovative and having an insight into the market and the customer needs of by creating a wide range of new products. Outstanding business leaders also influenced corning success to a great extent. Their commitment played a very important role in ensuring that corning meets its challenges.

Human Assets and Financial Success

In order for human assets to be considered as a source of sustainable competitive advantage, they must be capable of providing value to the firm. Organizations should examine the conditions under which the creation of human value may be possible or impossible. It means when there is a perfect substitution of employees, and the productive capacity between current employees and potential employees is equal. Individual’s contribution to the value of the firm will not have any variance. In such a case, the investment in human assets will not create value to the firm. Therefore, firms opt to operate on profit without investing heavily in the human assets. On the other hand, some organizations may invest heavily in human assets and still be unsuccessful, because the employed human resources may be semi-skilled or unskilled, therefore reducing the competitive advantage of the firm.

Future Changes

In ten years to come, there will be numerous changes that will be experienced at workplaces. More diverse workforce is among them. This will come along with the challenges of recruiting and engaging the various work groups, though the significance of the payoffs can be maintained if employers are up to the task. The other anticipated change is increased social technology, i.e. increased tools by which to facilitate communication. The main challenge posed by this change is that organizations that are not timely in finding social technologies that is suitable for their culture may not realize the benefits associated with such changes.


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