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Health Care Insurance

Health care insurance has been around from the early 1900s, it was developed in order to help the sick who had financial problems. It however grew into something totally different from what it was meant to be and to this day and time it still has not changed.

It was the same with that of Canada but the two have since evolved into totally different outcomes. Canada has grown to be the best in the world in terms of health care to its citizens. Canada’s healthcare uses a public funded system that makes it tax their citizens for this. America’s healthcare system on the other hand is a largely private sector business and the system is still crawling and trying to take care of its citizens in the best way possible. This however has not been the easiest thing to do and most definitely not the most successful results have been founded.

In the year 2010 the Obama administration and the 111th United State cngress passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as a step towards revolutionizing health care in America. Obama care – as the act is popularly known – has been largely criticized as much as applauded. Many citizens think that as much as the law is a positive step, the healthcare insurance is not what it used to be since it became a profit making industry some time back (Kongstvedt, 2013). As a matter-of-fact the ruling made by the Supreme Court to uphold President Barrack Obama’s health care legislation was reached by the jury casting a vote, and a very narrow 5-4 majority deciding that it was not unconstitutional for the government to tax people who did not own a health insurance policy.

This law affects everybody living in America and is thus important for the American people to understand fully what its passing means. The article’s second motive is to explain how the healthcare policies provided by insurance companies at this age will service them.. It is common knowledge that the theoretical benefits of owning a policy is never implemented on the same scale it is advertised on. Since most insurance companies have become profit-making ventures over the years. It is thus important to view the health care specifics, the advantages and the disadvantages of healthcare insurance on a realistic and sober level.

This report is a mere presentation of facts that lead to the opinion that making healthcare insurance mandatory in America is not the best for all American citizens.

The pioneer insurance services had the poor, elderly and sick person at the top of their priority list mainly because it was not a profit making venture. The shifting of the industry to a money making venture is what turned the people oriented industry to a profit oriented one. This means that the most healthy, youngest and rich individuals with good jobs got the most off the policies than who it was meant to benefit the most.

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