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Population with COPD

The Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a life threatening disease which attacks the lungs. CODP is typified by constant and persistent constriction of airway. This disease interferes with the breathing system, is irreversible and a life threatening disease that plunders lung tissues. In the diagnosis of COPD, chronic bronchitis and emphysema are now included in its description. The disease is known by a series of symptoms. These include breathlessness, chronic cough, a mixture of saliva mucus in the airway, that is, production of abnormal sputum. As the conditions of this disease advance, most of the manual activities become difficult. For instance, carrying small weights become difficult and even walking becomes uncomfortable. The disease develops gradually such that realizing it may take a long time unless discovered by health specialists. Consequently, it is diagnosed in people aged 40 or above that age. The disease is confirmed through a simple test “spirometry”. The test determines the amount of air one is capable of inhaling or exhaling, and the speed with which air can move in and out of the lungs. The disease, however, has no curative measures yet, though there are various treatments administered to improve the quality of life.

The populations at risk of contracting this disease mostly are the smokers. Studies also show that indoor gases and exposure to toxic gases play big role in the development of this infection. Likewise, inhaling smoke from industries, gases in the kitchen while cooking are among the major causes of this disease. People who work in the smoky and dusty environment should take precaution of covering their noses to avoid inhaling polluted air that can cause this life threatening illness. The disease is majorly detected among the aged people because it can show up with time. This is to say that care should be taken at early age to avoid future menace since prevention is better than cure.

There should be a special management program for this disease. This is because the number of deaths caused by this ailment is on the rise. It is projected that by 2020, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) may be among the leading causes of death. The disease has been noted to be one of the major causes of death in the Western Society. It stands out to be unique given that its prevalence rate, its association to mobility and its attributes to mortality is in increase. Due to this threat to posterity, there is therefore a need of setting aside for special nursing care and program that would help in establishing presence of this disease to allow for control measures in time. There is also an economic loss associated with this disease. Severe exacerbations of CODP that lead to unplanned visits to the hospital caused a loss of $ 10 billion in the US in 2003. From the economic point of view, such a loss warrants an establishment of effective prevention, treatment and management strategies of CODP. Most of the CODP attendants focus their attention on treatment of this condition as a disease; they forget to address this case as a special case that affects the patients psychologically. There is thus a need to address psychological defaults that come with this disease. This is possible when there is a special attention given to the control and management of the disease. People living with this condition also experience it as a disease and it interferes with their quality of life. Apart from just the economic loss due to large amounts of money that are being spent on its control, there is the need to focus on appropriate modes and methods of attending to these patients in a free environment where they can be handled effectively without interference.

Implementing this program has immense benefits. Firstly, from the economic perspective, there will be no economic loss due to irregular visits to the hospitals by people suffering from this disease. Additionally, it would be easier for health care providers to monitor progress of their patients with determined attention since there will be no divided attention. A special care unit for these patients could also allow for an opportunity where they can be taught on the adoption of good lifestyle that can further help them cope with life and reduce their mortality rate. These patience cough and in most cases they produce some sound while breathing. This is a condition that may cause social disruption. Separating them may be an aid to social harmony.

Nurses stand out to be the most appropriate persons to handle this management process because of their expertise in dealing with patients who are ill and those who are under illness management and control. Since this condition is incurable, nurses can best teach the patients on appropriate methods of handling their situations amicably. Additionally, home care systems (also known as community care for COPD) should also be included in this process. This is because it is not appropriate to keep people away from their families for a long time, especially when they are ill. Consequently, attending to their health challenges at home would enhance acceptance, a sense of love and care, moral and psychological support to the patients by their families.


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