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Public Health Professional

Public health professional has to consider a number of factors before considering procuring hardware or software for an IT project to ensure consistent efficiency at work. These include, but are not limited to the following: first, the project analysis. There has to be a comprehensive analysis of the project and its procedures and details to be fully understood. By so doing, a clear understanding of an appropriate technology can be adopted. Failure of the understanding can lead to the adoption of a technology that can further result to inefficiency. Also, by analyzing the problem of the project, a more appropriate technology can be adopted to help in tackling the challenges at hand. The second consideration is the planning; this involves consideration of tasks that can be done even without the technology. Such considerations help in eliminating unnecessary expenditures in a technology that may be inappropriate. Planning would help in further consideration of the benefit of adopting the technology that would replace human labor that could still perform the very task that it would perform. If the marginal benefit is greater than the marginal cost; then the technology is better if it is adopted. Planning is the only way of coming to this realization. The planning includes cost versus the budget. Thirdly, Communication with the stakeholders has to be made very efficient. Communication is the link that enhances collaborations and partnerships between the health professional and the stakeholders. If the technology can enhance this, then it should be adopted. The input users input are also a very crucial factor of consideration. If their response is positive then it can be adopted. Last, but not list, safety precautions also have to be put into consideration. The heath professional must consider how the adopted IT Disaster can be avoided.

Public health professional has to execute the following to help in the procurement of a successful system: there has to be a consideration of a well written RFP which shall be responded to by at least one vendor. There has to be a consideration of the expenses while building. When building, it must be done with caution with the rate of at most a rate of $10/line of code because above this can get expensive.

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