UK Custom Essay Sample on «I Will Be a Businessman in Five Years»

I Will Be a Businessman in Five Years

Education is very important in today’s business life. It gives a person a perfect opportunity to create his/her future career, utilizing knowledge and experience received in a good educational institution. Many international students dream of studying in the United States of America because of its high-quality education. Business administration is the field that appeals to me much because it is an essential part of any business. Being an international student from China, I am looking forward to using my knowledge received in the USA and building a successful career in my native country.

People try to get perfect opportunities with the aim of leading a successful life based on their knowledge and experience. That is why I am sure that I have made a perfect choice and now I am glad to study business administration, which is an integral part of any organization. There is no doubt that American teachers are able to teach me how to operate in the field of business making me a prospective employee for my future employer. Remarkably, China has a great respect for individuals who have graduated from the U.S. educational institutions because they are in demand everywhere. Many students come to the United States to receive a high-quality education that they can use in their native countries. To receive education in the USA means to become a much sought-after professional with original thinking in any company in China. Moreover, the knowledge of the English language provides more job opportunities because the modern globalized market requires close interrelations between foreign countries that communicate with each other in English.

After graduating from the U.S. College, I am planning to return to China and find a good position in the automotive industry that is closely connected with the U.S. industry. In recent decades, the Chinese prefer American cars as they are a symbol of comfort and status. As for me, I am also a big fan of American cars like Ford. So, my dream is to work in this area that provides many opportunities for the U.S. graduate student who has spent five years in this country. Every employer realizes that the successful operation of his/her company depends on the business administration that determines business operations, makes decisions, and leads employees to achieve the company’s goals. In general, a business administrator is one of the most valuable employees in any organization because he/she knows how to manage personnel, finance, and MIS services.

Owing to my perseverance, I am sure to become an effective business administrator because the performance of office operations seems to be rather suitable for my temperament. I do not feel boring because of routine work; in contrast, I find it interesting and rigorous. Due to my personal and professional skills such as responsibility, reliability, and accuracy, I am sure that I can implement much useful knowledge and strategies into my future organization. A profession of a business administrator is in demand in different businesses: from major corporations to small independent companies. A skillful administrator helps the company to succeed. However, a person may be in demand only if he/she is a skillful professional with perfect letters of recommendation and characteristics. Hopefully, my diligence will help me to attract the attention of my future employer who will appreciate this quality.

To conclude, studying at a college where I can get a degree in business administration is important for my future success. Moreover, the relationship with my teachers and peers can be a useful experience in my life. I wish to reach my goals and fulfill my plans in order to become a businessman in my country in five years.


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