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The American 2000 presidential elections between George W. Bush and Al Gore have been documented in the archives as one of the most controversial elections in the history of the United States. This is because of their lack of credibility, accountability, and transparency which constitute a fair and free election process. According to the movie Recount, it is evident that George W Bush did not rightfully win the 2000 elections due to the doubtful circumstances that surrounded the election and thereafter raised numerous concerns by the media, activists, and other concerned parties. Although the movie does not give clear evidence of election fraud or malpractices by the Republicans, it is vivid from the people’s reactions that George W. Bush was not elected. This is because according to the American constitution, an elected candidate must win the most votes among the available casted vote for him or her to be declared the winner. The American citizens protested that Bush did not secure the most votes and that leads to a conclusion that he was not truly elected to office. Moreover, others suggested that nobody would convince them that George Bush won fairly in Florida. This is due to claims that a high degree of dishonesty was portrayed when the Republicans conspired and formulated a strategy which blocked eligible Democrats from voting at all. Similarly, the counting process was greatly manipulated to help him win the elections. Therefore, following keenly on the reactions of the characters in the movie it is clear that Al Gore actually won the vote. This troubled most of the characters who entirely believed that Al Gore had democratically won the elections because they believed that he won both the popular and the electoral votes. In addition, it is suggested that having a Judicial Coup in the Republican’s team is what helped in blocking the possibility of a having a recount of the votes which could manifest this fact. In conclusion, every media recount that examined these results portrayed a Gore victory which could be trusted since media firms are usually neutral on political matters.


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