UK Custom Essay Sample on «Terrorism»


1. The most common biological weapons used by terrorists are artificially engineered pathogenic toxic organisms targeted on killing humans. These include Anthrax bacteria, Botulism, Brucellosis, Q-Fever and Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B. These weapons kill their victims through the respiratory system once inhaled. The bacterium spreads very fast in populations and is infectious. This is a popular war tactic, which does not involve physical combat.

2. Cyber terrorism is the act of leveraging on the Internet powers to access unauthorized information from individuals, organizations and government agencies. This leads to psychological violence and subsequent shunning computer technology, thus less preparedness. Cyber terrorism guarantees anonymity making its future real targeting vital security installations classified information. Though real and psychological, it targets Internet users by developing countries against the developed.

3. Active listening here shows that despite all odds, someone cares. Focus is on comprehension that I understand the situation, retention of what he wants me to hear to give a favorable response to suit his spoken word and behavior, which is human do err. In the process, I have used three active listening skills in comprehending, retention and positive response to his predicament.

4. Advantages of deception during negotiations in hostage situations are suspect gets more space in their human and psychological needs, however short lived; there is increased rationality and anxiety and stress reduction. The disadvantage is the exhaustion involved; temper and anger leading to lack of objectivity. Negotiators should not lie to the suspect; truth leads to freedom and lying leads to repeat actions.


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