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The Exceptional Presenter

The Exceptional Presenter

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The Exceptional Presenter is a book by Timothy Koegal, who is a presentation consultant based in Washington DC. The book has been published by Greenleaf Book Group Press. It has an eye capturing tagline that is easy to note. The book delivers quality as it has been promised by helping the readers not only become good presenters, but also good public speakers. The book is composed of well-organized and clear language with short easy to understand paragraphs and no jargon.

The book primarily focuses on people who are passionate about becoming better presenters. It teaches the basics of the presentation process and equips the readers with the tips for making it big in the presentation world. It teaches the best ways of public speaking by avoiding using “verbal graffiti” as well as teaches the presenters and the public speakers how to practice good posture while speaking in general.

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The book equips us with skills to use both in public speaking during conferences while addressing people, while presenting in the media and more importantly on the day to day communication with other people. It is so important because it addresses the issues of the day to day communication between individuals. Although many people in the field have perfected their skills with time in terms of public address, the field is dynamic, and it will require regular change and adaptation to cope with the current situations.

In chapter one, the author uses the example of American elections. He explains the difficulties that will be experienced from the white house board room up to the problems faced while addressing the public. The author notes that there are many presenters that are available, but on the same note, he records that most of the presenters are not up to the standards to make it as god presenters. One of the major reasons behind lack of excellent performance in the field is a lack of passion towards the field. Most people can make it be good presenters if at all they have a passion for making it be good presenters, in order to make it as good presenters, they should have a desire to improve and to will to learn the new skills to improve their delivery. An exceptional presenter should be natural and organized in the delivery process. To make it as an exceptional presenter, one must understand the audience. Audience will shift its views on a regular basis and hence; it becomes important that the presenter can understand the audience. A person must improve the public speaking skills as it is reported that this is one of the most adults fear. Many will fear addressing the public due to various reasons of which the major reason will be because of lack of public speaking skills.

From this chapter, I learn that public speaking will not be smooth for everybody. The prominence with public speaking will only come from a consistence and for this reason, I should practice harder with my public speaking skills to make sure that I become more fluent and eloquent.

In chapter two, the author discusses the need for a presenter to have good presentation skills. A presenter will have to impress the audience both verbally and visually. The presenter is not limited to the skills he or she should have and for this reason, he or she should be fit to present from the physical appearance to the audio delivery. If some factors stated above are not available, there are higher chances that the presenter might miss out the main idea behind the presentation that is to capture the attention of the audience and maintain throughout the presentation. At personal level, people with good presentation skills are more advantaged than those with poor ones. They are mmore likely to be awarded their wishes including job opportunities as they will be able to present their case better than those who have poor presentation skills. On this section presentation skills are defined as any formal of oral communication. It establishes that the presentation skills will be useful on the everyday basis; for this reason, the section emphasizes the need of perfect presentation skills.

There is a great variation between the ways different people will handle the pressure that comes with public speaking. While others will look forward to getting through it, the good presenters will always prepare for the challenges and have a clear way to overcome those challenges.

From this chapter, I learn that if I want to make it as a good presenter, I must be ready to handle the challenges that come with it. Viewing the presentation positively will help me handle the pressure easily; on the other hand, if I see a presentation and especially public speaking as a challenge, I might be unable to overcome it.

In chapter three, the author clearly explains different types of unpreparedness that can limit the deliverance of the presentation. By failing to take the message as a personal brand, by which the audience will judge the message, can be a great limitation to the deliverance of the presentation. Using verbal graffiti will just indicate how the presenter is unprepared to give the presentation; it will affect the way the audience takes up the presentation.

In this chapter, I learn that there are words that I should not use, using words such as “uns” and “uhs” will show that I was not adequately prepared to give a presentation. That will most likely reduce the presentation skills and consequently reduce the audience reliance on the information.

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