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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence poses a serious threat to many nations today. Domestic violence revolves around many practices. Domestic violence comprises practices such as wife beating; marital rape and abuses. Women’s biological make up render them to be physically weak. This has made women fall victims of domestic violence because they are not able to challenge men. In rare cases, men have fallen victims of domestic violence. The cultural beliefs act as the main cause of domestic violence. Many societies still hold the belief that women should be subject to men. This poses a substantial challenge in the attempt to fight gender based violence.

North Carolina in the USA has experienced rising cases of domestic violence in the past. Both men and women commit domestic violence occasionally. The impacts of domestic violence can be extremely severe. For example, practices of wife beating can always lead to death, or one can develop severe injuries. The government of North Carolina has made a lot of effort in fighting the issue of domestic violence.

The legislative bodies have passed strict laws so as to cope with the issue of domestic violence. Domestic violence has appeared to be one of the issues that attract serious attention in North Carolina. Many non-governmental organizations have also joined hands with the government in the fight against gender violence. Many of the organization deal with the female victims of domestic violence. The organizations have done a lot in empowering women and raising awareness on their rights. The organizations have provided legal assistance to the victims to ensure that they get justice. Women have realized that the government handles the issue of domestic violence with a lot of seriousness.

Women have constantly accused men falsely so that they can gain. This has caused a lot of suffering to men. The effects on both sexes can be more or less equal. Men have the strength, and they can cause more physical damage to women. On the other hand, men easily lose their jobs when women accuse them falsely. This issue has been a challenge to the government of North Carolina and the non-governmental organizations which help in fighting domestic violence. North Carolina Laws define domestic violence in broad terms. According to the North Carolina statues, the following acts amount to domestic violence:

  • Raping or committing any other sexual offence,
  • Committing serious harassment that can result to a significant emotional harm
  • Placing fear or an injury to an individual’s family member
  • Attempting to cause bodily harm

The issue of domestic violence in North Carolina sparks different opinions from various groups. The men in North Carolina feel that women also perpetrate domestic violence. This reaction arose because the organizations that dealt with the issues of domestic violence saw men as the major perpetrators. Research proves that many women perpetrate domestic violence. Statistics showed that more than 40% of the women engaging in heterosexuality in North Carolina, committed acts of domestic violence. Cases of domestic violence among the LGBT groups have also risen significantly. The cases of domestic violence among the LGBT relationships are almost equal to those of the heterosexual groups. However, the feminists have not taken into consideration that men also suffer from domestic violence.

The feminists still hold strongly that the issue of domestic violence should be taken as “men against women”. This issue has been a key reason why men who suffer domestic violence never get justice. Many men face separation from their own children when women raise complaints against them. Sometimes men are forced to take responsibility for children in claims that they have committed domestic violence. Women get a lot of assistance from the non-governmental organizations in terms of finances and housing. Some women have learnt the trick of presenting false allegations against men, after realizing that they can gain a lot. Women have realized that what they can gain from lodging mere allegations can be more than what can gain from a divorce.

The issue of domestic violence in North Carolina came into a rise after passing some legislation which attracted a lot of support from women. According to the legislation, domestic violence referred to any act that could make a woman scared. Domestic violence was an act of disciplining and a means of control. After passing various legislation men did not have any control over women. Simple domestic issues and quarrels which could not even cause any bodily harm to a woman could result to a serious case against women. Men were separated from their families immediately after the women reported.

Men did not have a chance to provide evidence that they were innocent. Females who testified in favor of a man could not be heard. Perpetrators of domestic violence are individuals who have a close personal relationship. This applies to married couples and other non-formal relationships among individuals. Individuals can only lodge a complaint of domestic abuse if they provide evidence of a close relationship with their abusers.

Despite the strict rules and penalties, some individuals still perpetrate domestic violence in North Carolina. Many people have lost their lives due to battering; women and their children have suffered more. In 2009 alone, more than 35 men women and girls died as a result of domestic violence issue in North Carolina. One of the saddest situation occurred when a man killed his 17 years old daughter, and the mother sustained serious injuries. The government of North Carolina had to take a serious action to ensure that the violators faced the law and faced the consequences.

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The rising cases of domestic violence can easily be associated with lack of efficiency in the government organs. The communities in North Carolina have not come out strongly to address the issue of domestic violence. The police department has relaxed in its duty by failing to take action on the perpetrators of the domestic violence. Women victims always complained that the police never act when cases are reported. Police have the duty of imposing protective orders to ensure that the victims of domestic violence get protection. The inefficiency in the police force can be associated with lack of enough training on matters of domestic violence. This calls for the need of training and awareness creation among the law enforcers and the police force so as to enhance efficiency.

Issues of under reporting have been common in North Carolina. Majority of the domestic violence victims do not report because they fear that they might be harmed again. The organizations dealing with domestic violence related issues have made a lot of efforts in creating awareness and encouraging the victims to come out strongly and seek justice. The court system in North Carolina had a weakness in the way they handled the issue of domestic violence. In some instances, victims failed to report their issues to court because of the lengthy court procedures. In other instances, the victims who faced constant violence got discouraged from seeking the legal process. The judges could rule out that the victims were misusing the court system.

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The rising cases of domestic violence in North Carolina have led to collective action by organizations. Non-governmental organizations provide financial support for the victims so that they would be able to hire advocates.

The government of North Carolina has made tremendous efforts to curb the issue of domestic violence. The government has played a significant role of ensuring that the victims of domestic violence get awareness about their rights. The government also ensures that the victims get shelters. The victims also get protection from their past abusers and their potential abusers. The non-governmental organization work in hand with the government. The non-governmental organizations play a crucial role of creating awareness to the public and educating them on the necessary legal actions that they can take. Advocacy groups also play a vital role in fighting for the rights of the victims. The advocacy groups add pressure to the policy makers and law makers to take action on issues of domestic violence.

One of the most popular organizations dealing with the issues of domestic violence is the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV). The organization focuses on providing support to the professionals and organizations dealing with domestic violence issues. The organization has been in the forefront in providing technical assistance and training programs to many local organizations in North Carolina. NCADV aims at mobilizing more professionals to join hands and fight against domestic violence. On the other hand, the NCADV has advocated for implementation of policies that could positively transform the lives of the victims. The organizations have made a lot of achievements through the various activities.

The NCADV aims to eliminate the harmful cultural practices that exist in the society which can be the potential causes of domestic violence. Some of such the issues addressed include patriarchy system, homophobia, sexism and gender equality. North Carolina has made significant attempts to fight the issue of domestic violence. However, more efforts have to be made to ensure that the affected people get justice as soon as possible.


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