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Working Women


Historically, most of the societies have evolved naturally male-centered. Men have the task of supplying their families with various needs. These needs include supply of food as well as meeting the family’s financial requirements. On the contrary, most people consider that a female’s primary task is taking care of children at the same time. This phenomenon has made women typically dependent on men. The major shortcoming of it is that women lose their financial supports in case of husband’s death, separation, divorce and even when their partners lose their jobs (Saner, 2014). When women are working, they benefit both themselves and also their corresponding families by becoming independent and capable of supplementing the family when the husband is unable to provide it.

In order for women to do away with those situations, they decided to find a way in attaining jobs so that they can be able to meet their daily financial obligations (USBLS, 1991). In today’s society where female is fighting for equity in employment opportunities similar to that of men, there is the opposition of three traditional beliefs. These beliefs claim that women are altogether inferior workers; work is harmful to female health and dangerous as based on family life (Saner, 2014). However, studies indicate that when women are working they help both themselves and also their corresponding families (USBLS, 1991).

The first major importance that working ladies learn is that their life span is widening as opposed to the scientific arguments that working women suffered from heart attacks. However, research shows that men are more likely to be affected by heart attacks in comparison with women. These findings draw a conclusion that it is not working that imposes pressure on women (McIntosh, 2005). The only group of women who are at risk of stress is those whose payment cannot satisfy their demands. This group includes women having low-paying clerical jobs, women with many children who only dependent on them, and those without support at home (Saner, 2014).

Work is also an imperative tool of boosting proper mental state of a woman. Employed women are in a better mental state compared to those who are jobless. Work does give them a sense of leadership as well as mastership (Saner, 2014). Psychological studies indicate that when a woman works, she stages in a better part of mental health. A working woman feels comfortable and does not feel neglected (Saner, 2014). Consequently, she is psychologically stable and healthy. These feelings are real as the females will consider themselves valued in a society and not isolated (Saner, 2014).

Another significant advantage of working women is that they get an opportunity of exploring and adventuring the world. When working they get exposed to extensive social contact and get themselves connected to the world (McIntosh, 2005). These connections enable them to learn from diversified cultures (McIntosh, 2005). These contacts are useful in their lives as they improve their creativity, level of thinking in addition to boosting the interaction mode of that particular lady. Enhancing creativity and thinking is attainable only through working. Women employment boosted ones mental and physical heath. On the opposite, unemployment causes physical harms and hopelessness (McIntosh, 2005).

In many countries, women are figured to be incapable of taking higher education thus denying their opportunities in high ranks like medicine and law. However, women have made efforts to achieve their goals. Denial access to some work areas is due to underestimations that females cannot do the jobs competently (McIntosh, 2005). However, this is not the case as research shows that women are also capable of working at any field effectively if given chance. Another critical need for women to become engaged is that employment enhances real family relation. This factor opposes the judgments that women get exposed to various stresses at workplace (McIntosh, 2005). It also contradicts the mentality that employed women are at position of causing family break ups. They argue that women who have jobs lack respect to their husbands (Saner, 2014).

Research indicates that when a woman is working, she is in a position of improving her family welfare. It is possible since the woman associates and cooperates with her husband to see that they achieve their financial obligation and goal (Saner, 2014). A working woman acts as a remedy to the family as she always helps in supplementing the family when the husband is unable to do that. Additionally the burden of dependency is done away because she is employed and earning.

In conclusion, women have a reason to work. These jobs help them depend on themselves as well as to reduce pressure that they may experience. Employment of women also helps them develop a proper relationship with their homes. Work also exposes women to a diversity of cultures and extensive social contacts which helps them to make better relationships in the society and to manage their families better. Additionally, through work, women can gain financial independence and acquire new tips that will benefit both themselves and their families. Consequently, the society needs to respect and consider women as equally competent workers and give them access to high ranking jobs just like men.


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