UK Custom Essay Sample on «The Review of the Movie "Contagion"»

The Review of the Movie

To begin with, the director Steven Soderbergh created the film “Contagion”, which tells about an unknown deadly virus against which there is no vaccine. The infection spreads rapidly around the world. Governments are alarmed, medical organizations seek the vaccine, and mass media sees the conspiracy in everything. The panic covers cities, and it seems there will be no tomorrow.

The first thing that needs to be mentioned is that scientists believe that many of new flu viruses have their starting point in one of the leading financial centers of Asia in Hong Kong. It is a well-known fact that the People's Republic of China is the most populated country in the world. Therefore, if there is any virus in this area, it spreads all over the country too quickly.

Another important point is the origin of viruses. Most people think that viruses appear as a result of creating biological weapons or carrying out human experiments. Moreover, new kinds of viruses can originate as the outcome of the evolution of another kind of a virus. In the movie the new virus appeared by crossing two types of viruses: the virus of a bat and the virus of a pig. The infected bat ate the piece of banana, which fell on the ground and was later eaten by ab infected pig. Then the pig appeared in the restaurant as one of its dishes. This is the way the virus reached the human organism.

It should be mentioned that an equally important factor is the way the virus spread. Typically, the virus can be droplet spread or spread through the casual contact with people, animals, and surfaces. According to the movie, every day we touch our faces 2000-3000 times (Shamberg, Sher, & Soderbergh, 2011). Also we touch doorknobs, water fountains, elevator buttons, animals and each other, and we swim in the seas and oceans. All these factors can influence the transmission of the virus. The movie was definitely consistent with the idea. All depicted events were very realistic.

The abbreviation CDC means the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Its role is to secure the public with health and safety. Undoubtfully, the precautions play an integral part in prevention the epidemic. If we notice that something is wrong with our health, we should consult the doctor immediately. In order to stop the transmission of the flu, we should not resort to the self-treatment. The symptoms may be slightly similar to the common cold, but the results of these symptoms can be more serious. As a result, we can infect our families and friends. The movie revealed the problem of non-compliance to the rules of hygiene. In the movie there were such preventive measures as the use of respiratory masks and protective suits. Of course, these measures slowed the spread of the virus, but did not stop it, because the transmission level of the disease was too high.

To my mind, in the case of a worldwide pandemic the first people who should receive the vaccine are children. In the movie people received the vaccine by lot, and governmental and health workers got the vaccine out of turn. First of all, the government must think about the children, society, and not take advantage of the official status. Once the lot is arranged as an honest way to distribute the vaccine, people working in the government had to take part in it. Not surprisingly, in the movie people had to use such methods of getting vaccines as abduction and exaction by threats. People used injustice.

In conclusion, Steven Soderbergh managed to shoot a realistic film and to show how people in the world are far from each other and linked at the same time. He managed to raise the question of what is more important in today's world: to defeat the disease or to cope with a stream of contradictory and sometimes false information that spreads faster than the infection. Moreover, the director revealed the mode of conducting long researches, preparation of the vaccine. He also described the life of the city and the common people, the problem of trash on the streets, and the problems connected with the distributing humanitarian aid in the third world countries.


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