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Does Gender Inequality Exist in Contemporary American Society?

Gender inequality implies imbalance in the number of women and men in different public and private institutions, organizations, and companies. Gender inequality can be defined as the unfair treatment and favoring a particular gender, male or female, when both persons have similar qualifications and credentials. The issue of gender inequality is derived from a different understanding in minds of a few individuals in the society who believe that a particular sex is weak. In many occasions, women are perceived to be weak based on the way they were created and the biological difference of bodies. Inequality originates from different social perceptions such as race, social or economic class and gender.

People mistreat or treat individuals differently according to their origin and race. Blacks Americans, Asians, and Hispanics receive different treatment from that of white in places of work, schools, hospitals, courts, housing, and other relevant and important institutions and services. People who have good economic achievement find it hard to relate to low income earners and poor individuals, because they do not share the same social class. It is sad to understand that the inequality is so much dominant in employment places where people are paid according to their color, race, and gender. Employers treat different employees differently despite similar academic qualifications and job experience. There is no justification of why people should mistreat other just because of their origin, residence, and the social class they belong to.

The inequality depending on social status or class, race, color, and place of origin has reduced over years as people intermarry, interact, and communicate. Whites Americans have realized the equality of all people; as a result, there is a reduction of discrimination due to civilization. The current problem of inequality is related to gender and still persistent in the modern American society. This paper tries to answer whether gender inequality still exists in current Americaand how different organization or institutions fight or accelerate gender inequality.

Does Gender Inequality Exist in Modern American Society?

Gender inequality is still persistent in the modern American society despite the civilization process and the emergence of organizations fighting for equal rights of men and women. The supporters of gender inequality base their argument on the claim that it all started at the creation. The biological aspect includes chromosomes, brain structure and hormones differences that exist between a man and a woman. There is also a distinction in muscular power or energy that displays women as being weaker than men (Goldin 13). Although the biological difference exists, there are roles that women and men perform better, and the difference in performance is notable. Therefore, the biological difference should not be a foundation or ground to defend issues of inequality.

The history of many American workers shows that men placed themselves in the best place in employment areas. Men still believe that they should not perform similar jobs or tasks as women do, because women are weaker. Men have left their profession because a woman has been in work in the same company or business. It is sad, because employers turn females away despite equal qualification with men believing that they are meant to take care of family and children. There are situations where women are directly told that the work available is only for men but not a weak gender, for example in waste companies, construction industry and other precious jobs (Vianello and Renata 21). Men mistreat women in terms of employment opportunity, because they think they are unique as compared to women, and no woman should hold a leadership or management position. There is also inequality in salaries and wages where a certain gender receives a higher pay than their counterparts with the same qualification. The employers argue that men perform more work than women though it is just a way to increase inequality.

Many employers fear that women will and have many responsibilities that make them seek for leaves and off days to attend to family’s matters. Women will get pregnant, deliver, and take care of a young one till a particular age. The absence of women in such occasions scares away many employers who feel that he is going to lose if many women are used in a business. Some employers do employ women, but they underpay them. A census carried in the year 1999 shows that women got an increase of their pay, but a gap is still present.

In education, women trail men in some programs that require long-term commitment. Some institutions do not accept females in some courses or fear they will drop or seek leave to attend to pregnancies and children care. There are few women in schools and colleges’ boards and directory offices. Many education organizations such as research and science departments prefer men in the leadership position than women. Women pay a high sacrifice price of delaying marriages and giving birth to get same education as men. The unfair treatments of women in studies show how inequality is promoted in public and private sectors.

A 2009 study shows that customers prefer white men in supermarkets, shops, and medical care centers. Many customers buy in stores where white men are shopkeepers, and employers are more willing to give employment chances to men than women. Customers have a biased perception that the male doctors are more competent and easy to approach. In medical fields, female qualified doctors earned around $ 17, 500 less than their male counterparts with the same qualifications (Burstein 17). The discrepancy in the salary is not justified in any way, but is just a way to make women inferior to women. Men have further to rate their technological skills as higher than those of women and even dictate that they own love relationships. Men have tried to ensure women remain silent in all fields despite their efforts to equalize the roles and duties in families (Friedman, & Jennifer 7).

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