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Hacker Groups

In the modern society, hacking groups are emerging and they pose a serious threat to online data security. Hacking by nature and truth can imply to either cheating or malicious transforming of the online programs to the interest of the hacker. Evidently, hackers do not have the proficiency required for computer programming, but use their simple knowledge to overcome those of the computers. The credibility of hackers if seen as seriously affected by the knowledge that most of the hackers cheat.

Problems of International Hacking Groups

Hacking groups are a major problem worldwide because they increase the level of vulnerability of confidential information stored online to be disclosed to 3-rd parties. It is true that some private entities or folks manage to illegally modify the software by replacing the original files with cracked ones. Such people are seen to gain undue advantages over the original producers of the particular programs. Indeed, these advantages could be in the form of increased sale of products produced as a result of hacking as described in the text. On the other hand, the initiators of the original programs may lose in terms of income and intellectual.

Significance of Russian Hacking

 Basically, Russian hacking is significant because it threatens the US systems including banking, intelligence, defense, and organizational information. Since they are armed with basic knowledge of computing and target sensitive institutions in the country, the Russian hackers and their threats to operations in the country makes it worrying to the authority. In addition, they launch cyber attacks, thus making it difficult for the authority to trace them.

Other Organized Hacker Groups

The other organized hacker group from a different country that we need to be concerned about is the Chinese Hackers known as “Comment Group”. They are an organized group carrying out cyber attacks, which target US institutions. The hacker group has been blamed for illegal access to private information of companies such as Tevent, Symantec Corporation, Schneider Electric Company, and Google.


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